Hey there and welcome to my little nook where I write about life, love and more. I always welcome opinions. Thanks and have an amazing day! Welcome to BeWytch Me.

On this site you will find stories about my life but lives of others which make news around the world. The stories are told from my point of view and I will provide proof of facts, not theories. Thanks again. You rock.

BeWytch Me Radio

You say what we play.

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Help is here. Reach out. You're worth it.

Find help here if you need. You are worth fighting for.

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How to do stuff!

Helpful tips. Idea's always accepted.

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Dangers of Facebook (Rated PG)

Please be advised this content contains direct talk about pedophiles and social media sites like Facebook.  This content is rated PG. We are all aware now that pedophiles are everywhere and are actively targeting our youth. Many are allowed to stand right here on Facebook without ever being removed. Today I found a couple of

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