Periscope: Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay

Periscope is an app for smart devices which allow users the ability to stream live, wherever they are in the world. The app is associated with Twitter and allows users of both apps to connect. Periscope may contain real life video of a news event somewhere around the globe, with a first hand view, unedited. Periscope is also used as a social app to just chat and meet people with similar interests around the globe. Some of your friends and neighbors may use this app.


Periscope is an app for smart devices. Image:

Periscope: The Good, the bad and the downright ugly

Although I’ve been using this app a very short time, I’ve seen some really great things, some not so good things and some down right horrific.

On the good side, I’ve seen people pull together to support and raise funds for a single young mother of two who is awaiting a heart transplant. People started a GoFundMe account for the young mother to help her with costs of living and having her two young children visit when they could. Scopers, as they are called, pulled together and went to visit this young lady in the hospital to keep her spirits up when she was having a very difficult time. Downright amazing if you ask me.

Periscope provides a platform to live stream your immediate thoughts online to all your followers and viewers. I’ve seen some scopes with some very negative comments by the broadcaster, but rather than get offended, I simply click the “X” at the top right of the app and close it. People are entitled to their opinion, which I respect, as I ask the same.

Periscope connects so many people together that they are like a spiders weave reaching out to hundreds if not thousands of followers. It’s no surprise that both the broadcaster and the viewer may have differing views, but it’s how I’m seeing this handled on Periscope, that troubles me.

Recently I’ve seen people devote entire scopes to tearing other people a part. They bait them into their scope by using their name and then immediately block them so they can’t respond or view. My question is why do people do that? If you don’t like someone online, stop speaking to and about them. Pretty simple. When people make scopes about such hatred, it shows them in a bad light. Remember that not every person who is viewing your scope is a long time follower and may not be familiar with the back story on why you are so angry at a person online.


Just like real life, we will not always like what people say online. How we react is a mirror of us not them.

Periscope is not reality, it’s fiction

I used to take everything seriously on the internet that was hurled at me and to be honest,  a lot of it hurt. Something happened one day though when I just stopped caring about the opinion of strangers towards me online. Nothing these people say or do has affected me or my life.

I’ve had some very mentally ill people attempt to attack me and my character online but then I hold up a mirror and what they say is sent right back to their unhappy self. I realize that mentally ill people need help not hate so I don’t hate or even dislike them. Once you realize that what someone does is a reflection of them and not you, life begins to be a little less gloomy and you start to see the rays of the sun poke through.

Periscope, just like everything else online, is not reality, it’s fiction. Just like a good book, it can be changed from moment to moment, with just the right amount of drama and intrigue to keep us tuned in. That’s what Periscope and all its scopers are, little pieces of lifes little moments. The fact that people choose to let us see them and watch their life’s little moments, is simply amazing. Good, bad or ugly, there is a use for Periscope and it’s here to stay.

Hope you follow me on Twitter and Periscope. I am doing live Periscopes daily about the hottest topics and laughs.

Have a super day and remember not to take today so serious. Laugh, love, smile and send out some positive vibes. You just never know who will see them and need them.

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