Periscope and why it’s not safe for your children

If you haven’t read my other blog about Periscope, give it a try for a ton of information that would bore you to read over again.  I’ll put the link at the bottom under Links/Sources.

Our kids use more apps than we do and they know how things work. The only problem is, they are kids and not adults and therefore have little to no experience dealing with online child predators. Sure we talk to our kids about “Stranger danger” but we forget to apply that to online behavior as well. Parent’s need to catch up to their kids when it comes to social media, than learn about it and finally, teach their children how to stay safe online. Seems pretty simple but if many parent’s don”t know about the social apps their kids use, how can they feel okay about their children visiting a strange playground in another city, meeting friends they have never met before? I don’t think parent’s understand how serious the issue is when keeping our kids out of the hands of child predators.

Periscope is not for children

As a parent and grandparent, I am terrified because most kids have mobile phones, with internet access, long before they are into their teens or even tweens. Most one year old children know how to get around a phone and open apps. I speak from experience. My grandchildren all know how to use a mobile with ease and confidence. My youngest grand child taught me how to use Snap Chat for instance. We can’t stop time so we must learn how to keep up to date with everything our children will come into contact with.

Periscope is not for being sexual in front of your children because your followers expect it.

Your child didn’t ask for you as a parent, so why think that it’s okay to act like a non-parent in front of them? I’ve seen mom’s exposing their underage children to nudity and sexual behavior in front of them, all live on Periscope. I’ve seen mom’s and dad’s smoke cigarettes and marijuana in the vehicle, while driving with their kids. One young man, age 6, told his mom to pay attention to the road and stop talking on the phone, when the mom almost got in two accidents. Another child told their mom not to vape in front of them in the car. Those women shouldn’t have custody of their children if they are going to put their children in a harmful position.

If a man did what some mom’s do on Periscope, with the kids, he’s be in jail.

I’ve been witness to mom after mom after mom who is not in full on mom mode and who is in hoe mode. Mom’s twerking in a g-string and bra. Mom’s encouraging their young daughters to dance too because some of their followers commented how pretty her six year old daughter was. I’ve seen mom’s walking into bathroom’s with their children in, half naked, on cam and a ten year old boy said, “Wow mom how come you have over one thousand friends watching you?, as she is topless. I’ve seen women go to public pools and gyms with their children and then twerk in the pool for attention, causing her and her child to be removed for inappropriate behavior.

Dad’s should be aware of what bad mom’s are doing with the kids.

Not every child predator is male, they are female too and in my opinion, a mom who tells her child to “twerk” is abusing her child. Men would be in jail if they did that. Mom’s should be too.

Periscope child predators

Recently a random scope came up with the following images of three young girls who were dancing in an explicit manner so I immediately reported the scope, as did others, because the child predators were saying some pretty nasty things to these little girls. It’s important to note that the oldest one is about 11 and doesn’t show her face but can be heard telling her two little sisters (approx. 6 and 9) to bend over and dance sexy. I am going to start naming and shaming every child predator on Periscope and will attach screenshots as proof, which were captured during the live video feed.

Do you know what your kids are doing online? The parent’s don’t seem to know what they are up to.

Please meet the following child predators, who all left the comments on the screenshots:

@erhangue ” Sexy”

@FullDeluxe “Twerk” “No pantys”

@watermelon451 “Pull that pants down” “Shake”

@abuabdulla4 “Gay kid nice” “hottt” “hot dance”

***To protect the children from being further targeted by child predators, I have placed a filter over their face and didn’t include the link to their scope.



Image: Periscope


Image: Periscope


Image: Periscope The oldest sister is the one whose arm shows at the bottom of the screen behind text.


Image: Periscope


Image: Periscope


Image: Periscope

Periscope 10


Image: Periscope


Image: Periscope

Parent’s need to catch up to their kids and follow on all their social media.

Parent’s work more today than they ever have and that means the kids have a lot more free time than they used to have. Kids may think they are smarter than adults, but scientific studies have shown that a child’s brain is not fully formed until they are close to being 20 years old. For this reason, we as parents and guardians, need to protect our children from themselves at times. In the above shots, the older sister was directed her two little sisters to dance, where are the parent’s? Would you allow your child to babysit if this is what they did? Would this be considered worse if it was an older brother holding the camera for his little sisters? I think people would have a different opinion if it was a male who was basically pimping out the little sisters.

Talk to your kids. Look at their mobile devices and add all the apps that they are on. Get familiar with the apps and how they work so you can better guide your children. Our kids can teach us so much if we only take time to listen.

My thoughts

If these were my children online, I would talk to them and remind them how precious they really are. I would tell these little ones that their body is not their ticket to happiness, but that true happiness comes from not keeping secrets and living life in a positive way. I believe that parent’s need to research everything their kids are on, just as they would monitor them if they were offline. Stay safe.


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  1. merle48 Reply

    I am glad that you reported this. Children this age are so vulnerable and do not really understand the consequences of their behavior in this case. Please continue to expose these lowlifes.

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