Periscope and the phenomenon of ghosting

Periscope has been around since it launched last year on March 26, 2015.  It was released for Android Later, on May 26, 2015, Periscope was released for Android. The app is the baby of Kayvon Beykpour, who came up with the idea while traveling in 2013 and Joe Bernstein .  Kayvon was in Taksim Square in Istanbul when he wanted to see what Twitter was showing. He realized he wanted more information and video, showing what was really happening at the time it was happening and in raw, human form.


Image: Pericope TV

Even before Periscope was publicly launched, Twitter purchased the app in January 2015 for what some sources claim was above $50 million to $100 million dollars.

By August 2015, Periscope had more than 10 million accounts, after only four months since it’s official launch. People had watched a full forty years per day. That’s right, per day. Apple  named this app, iPhone App of the year in 2015. You can now use your GoPro to go live on Periscope, as of early 2016,  which is awesome.

Periscope and my experience

I’ve recently started using this app for Android and find the live video streaming app quite nice; most of the time that is. Just like any form of social media, there are always a few people who do things that make you stop and say, “What the heck!”.

I’ve seen the best side the site has to offer, in terms of very positive and helpful live streams or scopes.  I’ve seen psychics and musicians and puppeteers and motivational specialists. Fantastic people. I’ve seen scopers come together to raise funds for people who need it, including one young lady who is waiting for a heart transplant. People from Periscope went to see this young mother in the hospital when she was very ill. I’ve seen people come together to support a scoper who was in the process of having a miscarriage. It can be a great drawing of community and help those who would be alone, otherwise.

I’ve also seen the worst side the site has to offer, in terms of negativity and violent threats. I’ve seen young girls, under the age of 18 being asked to turn around and twerk for the camera. So many kids under age 10 even using the site and dancing or doing whatever the predators tell them to. Where are their parents? That’s what I wonder too. I’ve seen people threatening to come to other countries and beat or kill them and, others, who have loaded guns in plain view of the camera as a threat towards another scoper.

Overall though, I do like the app. I’ve been able to watch live twisters as the storm chasers come across them, far sooner than mainstream media. I’ve watched demonstrations around the globe and met some pretty terrific people and even their kids, who love Auntie Crackers Puppet Shows. Will this survive the release of Facebook Live? That remains to be seen. Fingers crossed that users won’t have to worry about that for awhile.

Periscope and what you need to know

Periscope is a live stream app available on Android and iPhones. You can watch the streams on computer by clicking a stream but cannot interact by commenting. If you like someone and what they are saying, click the screen to give them hearts. Hearts help the person get more viewers and rank higher.

Just like any app or software, your video’s are NOT private and can be copied, or rescoped. Some scopers stream other users streams as part of their broadcast.

The app doesn’t have an age limit posted anywhere in their Terms of Service or their Community Standards. I don’t believe this app is suitable for anyone under the age of 13 but really it’s not suitable for under 18 due to adult content, which is against their guidelines.


Community Standards Image:

What is ghosting on Periscope?

Ghosting means when you type in the chat during a live Periscope broadcast, and it can’t be seen by the broadcaster. This may be that a user was blocked from posting due to abuse or some other reason. The other reason that a user may be unable to post is due to an error with Periscope itself. Many people are having issues with ghosting and are unsure of the reason. If a person is not posting negative or disruptive comments, they may have the second problem mentioned above. This time it really is them and not you.

My final thoughts:

As with any online experience, make sure you are familiar with how to protect yourself and talk to your kids about this app as well to see if they know what to do if something happens while using he app. It’s a parent’s job to parent, whether that be online or off. I think I will continue to use this app and choose which streams I want to watch and those that I don’t, I’ll avoid like the plague.

Have a great day and keep smiling that beautiful smile.

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