Updated: Petition to have Jessie Legassie charged in pregnant girl fight video

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Update: September 27 2013 I have heard from a reliable source that the person holding the cam and who recorded the fight video/encouraged/provoked fight, Jessie Legassie, has now been charged. I will update this petition with the actual charge once I am able to get that information. Thank you to all those who signed the petition, contacted the Saint John, New Brunswick Police and the media regarding her being charged. There will be justice for both Amber and her unborn baby girl thanks to caring strangers like you.

I have been approached by people who are concerned that Jessie Legassie has not been charged with any criminal offense in her part of recording a fight between Brittany Corning (Leavitt) and a pregnant girl named Amber. Jessie recorded the fight BEFORE it started and continued until she told Brittany to stop and said that she would take care of the police if Amber called them. Throughout the video which is extremely violent, Jessie is heard encouraging and provoking the fight while she makes sure to continue filming the fight.

According to Jessie she didn’t realize it was recording the entire fight but then if that was the case, why is the cam in the right place in front of Jessie the entire fight? She was aware the cam was recording the fight. Jessie was aware the fight was going to happen before she got out of the blue Ford Ranger which is why she was recording as her door was opening. Both Jessie and Brittany have continued to harass and threaten Amber and her baby according to credible sources.

We think that Jessie should be charged for recording the video, helping to plan the fight and for encouraging the abuser to punch and kick a pregnant mother. Jessie is a 30 yo mother from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. We want justice for both Amber and her unborn daughter. Please help by signing the petition to go to the Chief of Police in Saint John, New Brunswick asking for charges against Jessie Legassie.

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4 comments on “Updated: Petition to have Jessie Legassie charged in pregnant girl fight video”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I can verify that Brittany did break into my parents/ her step grandparents house, because she admitted to it and helped recover the laptop that she sold and was sold again. My parents never pressed charges on her, which I think was foolish but that was their choice. I check your page often and find it very informative. Keep up the good work.

    • BeWytched Reply

      Thank you and I am sorry she did that. I firmly believe we are not born bad people but we become that way due to what we see as children. Children learn what they live at home. I hope she gets some sort of counselling to deal with her problems. Thanks for the post.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I must say that this blog started out very well and was quite informative but it has now gone way off the mark of what I do believe it was meant for. Justice for Amber! Not who posted it or for what reason, it was posted yes,…it was sickening! i have known both of these girls families for a long time and both of these girls. I watched them grow up, they come from a small town St. Stephen NB. I feel so so sorry for Amber and her family and pray that everything is well with her child. As for Brittany, I hope you go to jali for a very longtime, you need serious help. I’ve heard her sob story that she has no one and everyone turned there back on her. This young lady had the biggest support group you could imagine she has a mother, father a stepmother and her family that tried to support her for may years. She has left a path of destruction and broken hearts in her wake. I just heard she broke into herstep grandparents house (whom never turned her away) and stoled a computer and some family rings. Brittany is a danger to socialopath and a danger to society and need to be prison.

    • BeWytched Reply

      You know I am going to allow this post not because I agree with it but rather to show people what is happening. It appears most have chosen sides and it’s condemnation for either Amber or for Brittany. Unless you have “heard” from her grandparents that she broke into their home, perhaps it’s best not to make assumptions. Speculation and hearsay are not admissible in a court of law and neither is your personal feeling towards either sides. All that matters are facts and in your message you condemn but you have no facts. You do however take time to attempt to slam me with the beginning of your paragraph. Now how long and how well do you know me? You don’t? You are basing your idea on what you assume you know about me and what I stand for? Oh okay that about fits the trollettes from that area. It’s not socialopath it’s sociopath and unless you have a diploma in counceling or psychiatry that is basically slander about her. I have spoken to all parties in this case. I will write a blog addressing some of my concerns regarding your comment.

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