Poetic’s words: The Alleged, The Accused (TrayVon Martin Tribute)

The Alleged, The Accused (TrayVon Martin Tribute)

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, a cover by it’s skin and a man by his heritance or race
No jail, no bond you living freely… not today you will be accounted for this murderous mistake.

He was just a kid he didn’t deserve that, it’s
not fair
We the people and Barack Obama want you in the electric chair.

It’s not self-defense against a minor
You won’t live to be old, no treatment for your alzheimers
There’s a scythe waiting on your deathbed
“Thy shall fall victim to this heinous crime” the grim reaper said.

Hawk’s talons and a eagle’s eye
no relief of tension
Mathis says… eternity sentence in an all man’s “special prison.

Have you ever experienced fear? You ever lost someone dear? TrayVon tried to cry but he made the whole world shed a tear.

C’mon Charlie Brown good grief
Now i can’t walk down the street with some skittles and a can of arizona tea?

Trespassing on the road to my house down good life avenue
FBI, Army, Marines, Special Armed Forces and more… naughty little boy Santa too they all after you.

Don’t try to hide because someone will rat you out
Momma won’t be there to save you from the creepy waterspout
Thinking you got the law fooled, we’re more clever
Pinned to a wall, how Jack and Jill went up the hill your conscience will be severed.

A free country legally we’re free to do what we please
I find it creepy for you to signal the police about me suspiciously
He’s a son now to all the mothers on the planet
Standing up for what’s right and stumping you like a maggot.

Let’s burn your hair off, bald head size of a dog’s cone
Growth product for the cure…not even men’s rogaine foam
A fight to the end you versus over ten million
Call the devil, your rights with God have hit the ceiling.

Virtual game but you got no lives left
Break your legs, wheelchair paralyzed crippled step
Change for the better; already too late
Even the homeless will stay a distance and keep straight.

It’s going down, gonna finish what we started
Fist pumps in the air, hoodies on… Rest In Peace TrayVon Martin.

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