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Identities protected due to age

Identities protected due to age

A puppy crushed by three Asian woman in a video, went viral on YouTube but is an old one. The video did not stay up long, however, but you can be sure someone either already has this video by downloading it. It will be forever on the net because someone chose to share it, just like similar criminal action video’s, pregnant girl fight uploader, Mark Marek uploading real murder of Jun Li or other fight video’s. Is this a new thing? No.

This video is confirmed to be from a seizure made in 2011 by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society as part of a collection. This information was confirmed by PAWS Executive Director, Anna Cabrera in an interview with “SAKSI”. The video featured what appears to be three girls toying with the puppy and stomping it until it’s death.

“What we did was consulted with our colleagues sa PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Last night they were able to verify it was part of an old video,” Cabrera said.

A couple in Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines, were selling what are now known as “Crush” video’s, to foreigners in 2011 by law enforcement. The collection contained this video which is 19 minutes long and shows three girls who appear to be teenagers, stomping on a puppy until it’s last breath. Some parts of the heartbreaking video show the puppy crying for help. What the video contains is illegal and “is animal cruelty”, said Cabrera.

The three girls in the video were found are currently in the care of the Department of Social Welfare Development, according to a report. Under the Animal Welfare Act, these girls may face anywhere from 6 months to 2 years jail time and may also be fined from P1000 to P5000.

Animal welfare groups are hoping that the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino, will approve changes to the law, raising the minimum time in jail from 6 months to one year and to raise the fines to P100000 up to P250000.

So what are “Crush” video’s? They are a certain sexual fetish and unfortunately can be found on many of the darker adult video sites on the net. They feature the same fate for ducks, geese, cats, rabbits and anything they can crush to death. Attorney Heidi Caguioa, representing the Animal Kingdom Foundation said, “Fetish ‘yan it’s some sort of condition that makes them feel excited sexually if they would see animals being crushed o rin pain.”

There was a couple in the United States who were busted recently for doing these similar “Crush” video’s. It’s unfortunate but it appears that the almighty dollar is worth more than life these days. My suggestion would be to bust the sites they host and the company who hosts them. These same Dark Net sites host child abuse, domestic abuse, gore, offer drug trafficking, murder for hire and stolen goods similar to silkroad.com .

Regarding sending these video’s around social media, it would make sense to Google it to see what comes up, how old it is and what, if anything, happened. You may find it’s old, as this one is. The good thing though is that by talking about these sorts of video’s we bring awareness and band together as a village to ensure that these disgusting video’s and the people who record/upload them, face justice. It really is a double edged sword with no easy answer.

If you see a video online you feel is illegal such as crush video’s, child abuse video’s, domestic abuse video’s, murder video’s, real crime video’s, report them to online authorities. If it’s something you think may be happening and real with real danger, contact your local law enforcement for help. If they won’t listen to you, copy the video along with all the info you can find out about it, then bring that physically to their front desk and don’t leave until someone hears your story. You may stop a crime and perhaps save a life. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks to the reader in Saint John, New Brunswick who reached out for help about this Crush video.


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