Muslim religion being attacked: Racism on Social Media

Happy even with no toys or safety. Some Muslim children wonder if they will ever be safe.

Happy even with no toys or safety.

Muslim religion being attacked: Racism on Social Media

Being a devout Muslim follower has become suddenly gone from being a religion of peace to one deemed to be the way the real religion is and that is of hate and death. I know my Muslim friends have shown me this is not true at all. The extremists use the religion and twist it for their own use just as Christians and other religions have done. To blame one religion for what a few crazy people do is completely wrong and posting about the entire Muslim faith in a hateful way on social media is completely and utterly wrong in the worst way, in my opinion.

What does post is meant to do is make you stop and think about what is going on on social media regarding post after post about the Muslim faith.

If you hate a person because they are muslim, that makes you racist.

Hate is a measure of you not the person you hate.

I’m just going to say it now, every post I see attacking Muslims and saying something to the effect of we shouldn’t let Syrian refugees come to North America is what I consider hate speech. Keep in mind I have not read the Quran and I am not Muslim. I am just a person expressing her opinion.

I think that it’s hate speech

I think it’s hate speech because people are saying don’t let any Syrian refugees into the countries in North America because they’re all Muslim and we should worry that they are terrorists and they have this horrific religion and other terrible things but one thing that we should realize is that in every religion there is good and there is not so good. We cannot nitpick at one religion without looking at all religions. One thing that people don’t realize, perhaps in North America because they haven’t educated themselves, is that not every person who lives in Syria is a Muslim while it’s true that most Muslims in Syria are Sunni Muslims there are other groups of different religions in that country there is Jewish people in that country, Christian people and other different religions as well so when people are saying don’t let the Syrian refugees in their countries because they’re Muslim that shows me it’s racist. Racist because like I said not every person coming from that country is a Muslim so we can remove the religion is the reason why we’re not allowing these people in foreign country and look at the real reason and what is the real reason, the real reason is because of the color of their skin. That’s the honest truth whether or not you want to realize it. That’s what I see.

Facebook is not a place to attack followers of Muslim faith.

Syria is home to many ethnic and religious groups, including:

Syrian Arabs, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, Circassians, Mandeans and Turks.

Religious groups include:

Sunnis, Christians, Alawites, Druze, Mandeans, Shiites, Salafis and Yazidis. Sunni Arabs make up the largest population group in Syria.

Being a Muslim follower does not make you a terrorist.

Image: Brandon NineLives Ray – Facebook

What I see

What I see are children playing with rocks because they have no toys, living in tents because they have no home to sleep in, not enough food to eat and no school to go to. I see babies crying because they don’t have enough to eat because of their long travel to get to the refugee camps. I see desperation in their faces and those of their families to try and flee a war torn country they have no control over.

Imagine waking up one day and hearing a bomb drop and then another and another. Could you do it? Would you stay or would you run away to safety? I would run.

Christmas is about the Christian God but also about giving

I’ve had the opportunity to sponsor a family from Iraq years ago for Christmas who were Muslim. Yes you got that right we sponsored a Muslim family for Christmas. They were new to the country and their children were trying to fit in as well as they could and the family was trying to adopt the North American culture and Christmas is one of those things.

For me Christmas isn’t about our religious aspect although that has something to do with it it’s more about giving it’s the idea that we have to give to others if we can. Our family did what we could for this family and they shared their story about their travel and how they came to Canada.

Muslim followers do not want war they want peace.

This family which consisted of a father mother and nine children had lived in Iraq during the time of the Operation Desert Storm from the United States. During that time this man was told by Saddam Hussein that he had to fight for Iraq against the other countries. He refused. The gentleman was sent to jail because he refused to fight and somehow managed along with a number of different people to escape the jail. Someone found out and this gentleman was arrested again and this time he had both of his kneecaps blown off so that he could not walk and get out on his own again. He had to use crutches in order to get around because he was unable to walk properly. So eventually he was able to leave again this time using an underground tunnel which he had to crawl and drag himself through.

During his incarceration his wife and family had fled to Turkey and relieving in a refugee camp for two years through the cold of the winters and the heat of the summers. For 2 years their children played in camps with no playgrounds, no school and no proper roof over their head given the basics to survive but didn’t know from one day to the next what their lives would be like if they could ever get back home or if they would even have a home one day with a safe place for their children to grow up..

One day this family after the father was able to join them in Turkey, was given notice that they had been accepted to come to Canada so they landed in Montreal and then moved to Vancouver on the west coast. This is where I met the family.

When we went over to meet with them prior to Christmas and just understand what it is their children wanted for Christmas, we were greeted by gentlemen using forearm crutches and a big smile on his face along with a very happy wife and his brother was there as well at this point. We met all 9 of the children ranging in age from very young to being late teens. All of the children smiled. They lived in a two-bedroom really horrible apartment. That’s right 11 people in a two bedroom apartment. This family sat down with us showing us the Quran and talking to us about a little bit about it and the husband served tea during and this Muslim family never treated us with disrespect or disregard or in any less friendly fashion that we would accept or expect other people to. What we found was a family that was very happy and thankful to be in a country that they could not give their children what they needed to give them and their children could grow up not worrying about being radicalized and not worrying about being forced to do things that they didn’t want to do and where their children would have an opportunity to grow up in a safe environment and a safe country. I was very happy for them.

We were able to provide everything the family could want for at least 2 months. We gave them food and toys clothing and made sure every child that had something on their list, got that item on their list including the oldest boy who asked for a leather jacket for the winter and he got a leather jacket for the winter.

You know it’s all about helping and not saying no you can’t because of this or because I think this of you. We have to start basing our decision about people on their character and not on anything else. If we close our eyes we have to see the person for who they really are and hear the person and not judge him based on what we would see when we open our eyes. Far too many people in this world are judging people based on what they see and not what they know. People do not judge based on the character of the person but rather what they see with their own eyes.

No one should hate a Muslim person for their faith.

Image: Daryl Cagle

My opinion: It’s time to stop sharing hate on Social media and start sharing love

So in my own opinion all of these posts that are circulating on social media regarding not allowing Syrian refugees in foreign countries because they’re Muslim are all racist and what I see is that it’s not their religion that bothers these people the most but rather it’s their skin color and that’s really sad to me. I will not share any racist post on my wall at all. I will not share anything that condemns another religion, race, creed or sexuality, ability or disability. That’s my choice. What you choose to share on your wall is up to you But keep in mind that what you post publicly someone out there will read and will question and wonder why you post that just as I expect people will read this and question why I posted it as well.

I’m just really tired of all the hatred on social media. I think that instead of spreading all this hatred we should be spreading love and positivity. I’m not sure how anybody could sleep at night looking at a small child sleeping in a refugee camp and not want to help them.

If you made it this far thank you so much but you know you can share your opinion below keeping in mind that I will not allow any racist targeting Syrians or Muslims or any other race or religion. You’re allowed to post those things on your social media so please do, I don’t have a problem with that. I’ll read social media posts but I will not allow any on my own timeline that’s just me. I will never hate another person based on what I see. I hope this made you think about this in a different light.

Don't hate a Muslim follower. Silence is unacceptable.

Silence is acceptance. Speak Loudly.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a super day and keep being you.

Some helpful links with more information about the current Syrian refugee crisis:

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    Thank you for speaking your true feelings. Christmas is first and foremost about the birth of Jesus. It has morphed into a symbol of goodwill towards others and gift giving began with At. Nicholas who was a Christian bishop who helped the needy ,and was born in what is now called Turkey. The true significance of Christmas is found in Christ.

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