Lori MacKay, defense lawyer, requested Alberta provincial court Judge Allan Fradsham, order a presentence report as well as a psychiatric assessment.

This racist graffiti artist should have stayed in “skool”

It’s alleged that Mr. Mackenzie spray painted five vehicles in the C Train station parking lot with the following racist graffiti words, according to a statement of agree facts, made an exhibit by Mr. Dhillon:

“kill Syrians” and “kill musilums”

The word Muslim is misspelled on the vehicles.

Mr. Mackenzie is also alleged to have drawn swastikas on some of the cars and SUVS in the parking lot.

It’s alleged he wrote the words “fuck Muslilums fuck Syria” and “fuck ISIS” a long with other similar hate comments inside the stations.

The damages are beginning to mount up. As of yet there is no determined dollar value on the damages done to the vehicles in the parking lots. The City of Calgary property is estimated to have received $20,000 in damages.


CCTV video showing Kyle James Mackenzie at one of the targeted attack sites

The attack was captured on closed-circuit TV cameras at the stations and parking lots. Mr. Mackenzie was later identified by a Calgary Drop-In Centre employee and a police officer, who compared Mr. MacKenzie’s known photographs to the CCTV (Closed-Ciruit TV) video, included in the statement of facts.

On December 9, 2015, Mr. Mackenzie was arrested for the alleged crime and, while being interviewed, confessed to the crimes he was accused of.

Why did he do it?

“I did all the tagging as I was mad at ISIS because they shot up the people of Paris and I am a French Canadian,” Mr. Mackenzie said. He went on to say, “I don’t hate all Muslims, but I do hate what ISIS stands for”. “I am glad that it made the media as I want to be famous for something and I wanted to come to jail for the winter.”

Mackenzie remains in custody, and will face a sentencing hearing on June 15, 2016.

Miguel Lavergne, the second man police believe is involved in the targeted attacks is still facing six mischief charges.

My thoughts:

Why can’t we all just get a long? Why can’t we choose to embrace our differences rather than target people because of them? Why can’t we just stop spreading hate, lies and speculation? Why can’t we listen to our children and not just tolerate people but go one step further and accept people for who and what they are. If you are not hurting anyone else, than be happy being you but make a difference not become part of the problem.

acceptance racist graffiti

Don’t just tolerate someone. Accept someone.

People get angry and write things on walls whether they be online or offline. You cannot simply remove the hate you spew anymore by simply clicking a delete key. You have to learn to rant, pause, walk away for 30 minutes, come back and re-read what you were going to send someone online. Is it worth it? Are you still as angry about it? Can you simply hit erase instead of enter? That’s up to you.

Have a great day and thanks for being forever and always you.