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Dear Facebook,

You can blame all you want but the bottom line is that you allow your advertisers to use our images without our permission which is why I won’t post my images on the site and choose to only use graphics. Lord knows I don’t want to end up as the face of some dating site like Rehtaeh Parson’s did.

Take look at how your image could be used on an advertisement of a company you have “LIKED” their page on Facebook:

Third Party Sites

Facebook does not give third party applications or ad networks the right to use your name or picture in ads. If we allow this in the future, the setting you choose will determine how your information is used.

You may see social context on third party sites, including in ads, through Facebook social plugins. Although social plugins enable you to have a social experience on a third party site, Facebook does not share your information with the third party sites hosting the social plugins.

Ads & Friends

Everyone wants to know what their friends like. That’s why we pair ads and friends—an easy way to find products and services you’re interested in, based on what your friends share and like. Learn more about social ads.
Here are the facts:
Social ads show an advertiser’s message alongside actions you have taken, such as liking a Page
Your privacy settings apply to social ads
We don’t sell your information to advertisers
Only confirmed friends can see your actions alongside an ad
If a photo is used, it is your profile photo and not from your photo albums

To change those settings go to your Settings and click Ads.

change ad setting

Change the future use of your information on Third Party Sites which Facebook says they may allow in the future:

change third party setting

In fact, there is at least one case in Canada where a woman’s image was used without her permission and she is now suing. In the US Facebook has been sued for unauthorized use of users images in ads and had to pay out millions of dollars in damages. So is this a new thing? No.

Would FB have been content to just leave the ads running with Rehtaeh’s image on what is deemed a dating site? Sure. Just look at how many pages, groups and philes who they just close their eyes to and pretend they don’t exist until they get a petition to shut down a page, group or remove an image which is clearly against their own Community Standards.

Just yesterday I reported an image a guy posted on a page here called Bad Luck Brian which shows a story book talking about how a grown man is molesting a little boy. Facebook does not deem this to be a violation of their terms or Community Standards. Really? So philes are welcome to use FB with their own permission.

In fact, did you know MySpace hired a company a couple of years ago to seek out and remove convicted sex offenders from the site and of the 90K that were caught, they left and most came to Facebook where they can get away with their behavior?

As long as people are not aware of what this site does and does not do, we are living blind. We need to open our eyes and correct what is wrong on this site.

How many people use this site? Over 1B! that’s right. About 10% are fake (I believe it’s more like 20-30%), almost 10% are those from ages 10-13 and an astounding 8% are those under age 10.

How safe do you feel knowing that your children are targets of the philes they allow on Facebook and will not remove? Why on earth do parents even set up accounts for their under 13’s? Wake the hell up. This site is not safe. Living or dead. Rehtaeh Parson’s is a very good example. Amanda Todd is another. So many more. Facebook needs to fix this because it is definitely broke.


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