How to report an underage Facebook account



How to report an underage Facebook account

Facebook has an age limit of 13 years old and while they may change that to a lower number one day, today is not that day.  I find it alarming that people will set up Facebook accounts for their under 13 children and in some cases, infants and toddlers.  Why do they do that?  They do not close the account to protect their child but for the most part leave the settings so anyone can see the pictures and posts.

Today I saw a post on a friend’s timeline about someone missing so I checked the profile it came from.  It turns out the father of this little girl who appears to be 3 or 4 is all over this account and the account was made in her name by her father.  This scared the daylights out of me because you can see every image and post.  No protection for this little girl whatsoever.   It appears the father was in a custody dispute over this little girl and he was the one who posted the mother of the little girl was missing after court.

In the pictures there are many of this little girl in bathing suits, small dresses, showing her sitting in an inappropriate way.  The profile also shows images of her sleeping on her father and in bed.  There are many of those images.  I get that you may want to take a picture of your child sleeping but why so many and why upload them to a public social media site without protecting the same child you take images of that they do not even know were done?

The most troubling part of this is that her images have probably been taken and used on pages and other sites for purposes other than what they were intended.  If I were a judge in this case and saw the profile with those images, I would not give custody of the child.  If you are not going to protect your children and are going to make underage accounts on a social media site and then show images which are there, you should not have custody.  You can’t protect your children online and that is abuse in itself.  No parent needs to make their child a Facebook account, if the child is underage.  That is a violation of Facebook’s Community Standards and all those accounts should be reported immediately to protect the child.

The argument some people use is that they set up an account for their child so family members, who reside elsewhere, can see the child and their milestones.  I get that but why leave it wide open and why have a profile image with your 4 year old almost spread eagle as their profile account?  What kind of people do you suppose that would attract?  I will give you instructions on how to protect your account and that of your child ages 13+.  Any other underage account should be immediately reported using the link below.

Info you need to report:

  • Facebook Profile URL (Address in the browser)
  • Facebook Profile name
  • The reason you are reporting.

Just to let you know how serious this is, please read this blog about what happened when MySpace hired a company to look for child predators and convicted sex offenders and that over 90 000 were kicked there and moved into Facebook.

My blog: Facebook:  Home to Incest, Child Rape and a ton of other atrocities

Please protect your children and if you see others who are posting their children as their own account, please tell them why it’s not a good idea.  Thanks for reading my blog.

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