What you see on the internet is always real & true


What you see on the internet is always real & true

….and if you believe that, I have a very nice bridge to sell you in the middle of the Sahara Desert for a mere, oh I don’t know, 1 billion dollars (said with baby finger in the corner of the mouth like Dr. Evil).  Okay so enough foolishness and it’s time to be a little more seriousl

In the past few years I have seen the internet go from a good place to an evil place filled with people whose sole purpose is to attack others for what they “see” on the internet because, as I explained, what you see on the internet is always true & real.  In fact that is so true that it is justification to target people you don’t know.  It’s amazing how many adults are not doing what they tell their children not to and that is to bully people online.  In fact some of the more serious trolls and stalkers tend to be mentally ill people who may or may not be taking medications.  You can’t be mad at mentally unstable people because, like cancer, they don’t have a choice to have it.

This blog has more than doubled in the last year with readers from around the globe who use many search terms to visit.  I have received some very nice thank you messages from people who relate to what I have written.  I am thankful that what I say is important to someone other than myself.

I started really getting involved in preventing bullying when I heard that Amanda Todd, a local 15 year old girl, had taken her own life after being constantly harrassed and stalked for three years.  I was surprised to see young people instantly target her life and make many hate pages on Facebook (nothing new there since it’s filled with hate in the open and behind closed doors in groups).  That is when I first heard the word Troll other than from children’s stories and these new forms of trolls were far uglier on the inside and outside then any storybook troll could ever be.

The one thing that all haters resort to is say the most volatile of insults to you in hopes of you becoming angry or upset and responding.  Have I responded in the past to those who have trolled me?  Of course.  You would too unless you were okay with laying down and having people repeatedly attack you.  Just as anyone has a right to defend themselves, I do too.  Imagine that.

Now going back to what people believe on the internet I would love to share my personal story with you.  Some of you have heard bits and pieces but not all.

I have been a troll target since Amanda’s death since I stood up to those who were targeting her and her own family after her death.  Very cowardly to hide on social media and target a deceased girl who took her life due to the very same bullying that led to her death.  I began working with many people who called themselves “The Anonymous” and in fact they were the first ones to mention the name “Kody Maxson” who was not the right person, however, that name appears as a pseudonym on the man’s FB accounts who was arrested not only for stalking Amanda but many others.  So the Anonymou were not completely wrong.

I continued supporting the group and made many great friends from around the globe who wore the Guy Fawkes mask.  During the past six months I have been a major target of online hate and I’m okay with that because who I am is not who the haters with a ton of time on their hands say I am.  Those who know me, know me and those who don’t, well they are the ones who believe what they see on the internet because we all know, say it with me, “What you see on the internet is always real & true”.

In my case there are three stooges who happen to be female and have banded together in hopes of somehow ripping my life a part.  I blocked them from every account on the net I have, including this one and yet they still look for ways to target me.  Now in the most bizarre thing, these three stooges simply told one Anonymous member a bunch of lies and showed fake screenshots claiming they were real and he actually believed it.  No searching for the truth but instead choosing to believe people who have targeted not only me but many others.  What is funny is that the guy who posted a link to the Dirty page with the post about me, complained when I responded saying I would answer anything he wanted to know.  One of the three stooges is a racist and hates any Indigenous people and French Canadians which this guy is one.  He is from Quebec which has been saying for years they want sovereignty.  So the guy is siding with someone who hates him?  #strange

Now I’ve received a message on Facebook from some Anonymous group with major threats against my safety.  I wonder if they know that I am disabled?  They believe I am targeting a disabled woman but are okay with targeting a disabled woman?  #strange  Am I scared of the Anonymous person who didn’t sign his name?  No.  Only cowards target you under a false name & then run when they think they will get caught.  Now to be clear, I still support my Anonymous friends who are doing some great work and I do not care what the others threaten.

I have to wonder if they believe what they are being given without fact checking and then have to wonder why.  They use a fake conversation program on the net to say whatever they want to and make it appear it is coming from me.  When you try to tell people that, who have been sucked into the dramatic mess, they refuse to believe it or fact check.  I have messages from one of the three stooges who used a fake program to remove her comments from the conversation and made it seem worse than the original one was.  Keep in mind this woman, in her 30’s, sent messages to one of the three stooges doing the same and sent a complete fake conversation which they believe.  No fact checking.  #strange

Here’s the thing, I can simply shut off my computer.  I can disconnect from the net because unlike those who spend every day trolling and bullying others on the net, I do not need the attention.  In my mind trolls are attention seekers.  I’m not scared of any Anonymous person.  What’s the worst that can happen?  They knock my site offline for a few days?  They post all my personal info online in a pastebin document?  Who cares?  When they threatened me with that I responded with let me know when you got it up so I can check it out and correct any misinformation you have.  Funny enough mouth and no balls because I still don’t have the link.

I discovered something surprising yesterday and that is I just don’t care.  I don’t care if people call me names.  I don’t care if people post my name a million times calling me every dirty name in the book.  I don’t care that uneducated people are lazy and never fact check before opening their mouth and planting their foot firmly inside.  I just don’t care.  Crazy isn’t it?  Post images of my on any social sites and post links to this one from all of them.  I’m okay with that.  I’m not afraid of cowards on the net who will never have the balls to meet me face to face to just chat.  You see if trolls did that they wouldn’t have anything to do now would they?  Too easy really.

So to all the people who claim they are going to tear me down, good luck because I just don’t care.  Oh but if you are interested in that little bridge I have for sale let me know.

Happy New Year to you!

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