Sheeple are easily led people you may know

Sheeple are led by a wicked and evil Sheep Herder bent on hate

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We are said to evolve from monkeys, so why have we de-evolved to sheeple?

Sheeple are not people we want or need to have in our lives. Sheeple appear to have no mind of their selves and are very easily led. Periscope has now gone from bad to worse thanks to the one user Jarrod, as an example, and his continually targeting of users of the app and Twitter. In fact, there appears to be no where that you are safe from this angry man. If he doesn’t like you, his followers will hate you. He leads a hateful group of people who are solely online to target others. If you cross them or one of his sheeple come to their senses and stop listening to him, you will become his next target. It’s shameful that people like Jarrod gain their joy by creating other’s pain.

What is a Sheeple?


  1. people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.
    “by the time the sheeple wake up and try to change things, it will be too late”

The more Jarrod and his sheeple wreck peoples lives, the happier he and they are

I have never experienced such a vengeful man in his late 30’s. It appears that he will never stop what he is doing, even though he mentions all the time that he is a father. What father spends his days destroying people’s lives daily and then tells his children it’s wrong to do the same thing? Not a healthy one. Men do not understand his cowardly behavior towards others online. Men find it strange that he spends so much time online talking about people he doesn’t know, spending money on buying websites and then claiming they are not his, when they clearly are.

Periscope private video’s by it’s users are not public if Sheeple  can get them and pass them to Jarrod

People create private video’s for a number of reason’s on the social app and one of them is to keep people like Jarrod and his sheeple out, however, even this is no longer truly private and if Jarrod can get his hands on another person’s private Periscopes, he will and he will will stream them on his own channel. He has been banned twice before and claims to have purchased 80,000 followers to mess up Periscopes algorithms so the reports of his constant abuse can’t shut down his account. So far he is down to almost 5000 less which means even the purchased followers have chosen to stop following this person due to his toxic nature.


The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research in large part because the majority of others possess a similar mindset.

No one and nothing is off limits to Jarrod and his Sheeple

He and his easily led sheeple, will contact Child Protective Services on people he doesn’t like, who have children just like he does. Who does that? Jarrod. He will post anyone’s personal information online, like a person’s work and have them fired due to false allegations. Who does that? Jarrod. His crew will contact Social Security or other income programs if they can get that info. Who leads these Sheeple? Jarrod.

Young or old, if this middle aged man doesn’t like you, he will attack you in any way he can and then make claims to be a victim. Jarrod refers to his petty squabbles on Periscope as a “War”. There is no leaving his chair to fight and draw blood so how is that a real war? That is cowardly too. I’m sure actually veterans and current military personnel who actually do or have fought in a real war, find this disrespectful.

The more he exposes about his target which is in a good light, the more he dislikes them. How can people be so happy and not spend their time tearing others down or leading easily led people, sheeple? I sure wouldn’t be. I encourage every person I meet to not believe what I say but to fact check to believe it themselves. If it won’t hold up in a court of law, but would in a public court of opinion of hateful sheeple and their leader, it’s not fact, it’s only a disproved theory.


We had our own minds until the internet when we became easily led. Don’t be a sheeple.

What did Jarrod do now?

Jarrod caused numerous people to now leave Periscope completely as they are afraid to scope at all now, either publicly or privately. I believe that Jarrod and his Sheeple are toxic for the site and are there for no other reason than to troll others, which is against their community standards. Jarrod got a screencast (screen recording) of another user who had made a private scope, inviting only her followers. One of the users in the room recorded the screen and private video, handed it to a man named Greg, who was aware it was a screencast of a private Periscope, who then passed it to Jarrod, who then named and shamed the woman in the video because the video was about how to stand up to this man and what legal recourse someone has against what Jarrod is doing. One of the actions called for was that he should be arrested and that upset him. He stated many times he is a family man and doing nothing wrong and yet he was showing what he said was a private scope he had been passed. The fact that he knew it was a private scope and then chose to share it, proves his moral character to many people.

Jarrod created many websites targeting the users on Periscope, including one using my legal name Wanda Probe He posted on Twitter that he would sell it to me for $50000 and created an entire website with hateful harassment. While he has made claims to not be the creator of the targeting websites, source code doesn’t lie. The site includes some poorly photoshopped images of me meant to be disrespectful.

Parents are teachers, not bullies Jarrod

In today’s world there are far too many bullies, but the real issue is, who are the biggest bullies and why do they feel it necessary to behave that way online, while claiming to be good parents. If you tell your child it’s wrong to bully anyone, anywhere and you do it, that makes you a hypocrite. You are bullying people online, but go farther and are not happy until you break a victim.

What happened to walking away? Do people, like Jarrod, act like this offline too? Does he see a person at the grocery store who he overhears giving a thumbs down to an item and then decide to destroy them because he in fact, does love the same product? Does Jarrod look up any posts online or off about this person? Does he then make posters to share all over town shaming the person for not liking the same product? Does he contact Child Protective Services, making false allegations of child abuse or Social Security making false allegations of fraud? Does he seek to call that person a fraud because he finds they make money in a way that he disagrees with? Does he go online and create immature websites using that person’s name? I sure hope not, but he does that to people he disagrees with online. I don’t think that is appropriate behavior for a middle aged man or anyone to do. To do that, speaks more about that person’s character and not in a positive way.

Why not just make your own content on Periscope and stop showing private scopes?

Simple. If not for the many other users of Periscope and their own content, Jarrod would have none of his own. At one time he was funny, but then something changed and a dark light bulb seemed to go on. Jarrod is a man who seems to have an incomplete life and is content to act cowardly online. As Jarrod’s trolling acount says he has “zerocontent” unless we are online. Why sink down to showing a private video passed down from the original recorder, to another of your sheeple and then to you, fully knowing it was a private video? Jarrod had a choice to show that scope or not and the fact that he showed only a very small edited version of it, to fit his own needs,  he showed it because the user had been tired of his constant attacks and was advising how to get legal help and perhaps lead to his eventual arrest and or conviction. Jarrod and his sheeple don’t have problems doing that to other people but when their fearful leader is the target, suddenly he’s a victim. I disagree.

Jarrod is a grown man throwing a very public and online tantrum: Mantantrum

Perhaps he and his sheeple need a collective time out to calm down, come back to earth and realize Jarrod is not a God nor does he speak the truth about many things. What I do know about users like this person is that they cannot be mentally well. There has to be some issue causing them to be paranoid about everyone and everything. I actually feel sorry for Jarrod because one day his children will see what their father did online and they will have to question what he taught them about not bullying others and to tell if they are being bullied. What you say and on the internet can and will be there forever or perhaps on someone’s website or perhaps as a screen cast or download.

Jarrod and his sheeple fit the description of a cyber mob perfectly

1. a group of two or more persons acting in cyberspace as to hold someone accountable for a real or imagined misdeed or social faux pas. 2. when people join together to humiliate or manipulate via the internet. 3. WWW equivalent of vigilante justice.

1. “Did you hear about the girl who committed suicide because of that fake MySpace message. The woman who perpetrated the message fell victim to a cybermob: her name, address and place of business were posted on the web.”

2/3. “That girl stole my iPod, I know it! I’m gonna gather up a cybermob on MySpace and humiliate her into returning it.”

My advice is to taste your words before you spit them out.

No good has ever come from toxic bullying behavior and never will. Each bully is seen for what they are eventually and that is usually a scared little child inside and adults body. Bullies like the example of Jarrod, bully because their sheeple support every ounce of hatred and bad behavior directed to strangers online and off. Once a bully has the crowd of support, they fuel themselves up to gain an even bigger chest as they try to convince people they are not a bully but an avenger of some type. You are an abuser and a bully if you purposely target others anywhere to gain self satisfaction. If you only get your joy by tearing others down with bitter and poisonous words, that shows who you really are and that is a person who would be nothing without the weak minded sheeple to cheer on bad behavior.

If you are an adult acting like a child throwing an online tantrum, stop and ask yourself what it is you are gaining from this and why you condone it? Why not look at other healthy minded adults and just choose to stop acting out online throwing mantantrums? No one is forcing you to act that way so why choose to open your mouth and remove any doubt of what a troubled person you really are?

Please reach out if you are being bullied anywhere, online or off. Bullying is not right. If you are a child who is being bullied by an adult online, tell your parents and then tell the police. Bullies like Jarrod are wrong and so are the sheeple.

Thank you to an anonymous source for providing a link for help with being bullied and harassed online. The user has left Periscope as well to concentrate on other things.

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