Shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan: Periscope

Shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan: Periscope

Shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan, rang out every social media platform and news outlet online and offline. Tragedy struck January 24, 2016 when a 17-year-old, who has been rumoured to be a victim of severe bullying, killed two young men in a home then went to school to shoot a teacher and a teacher’s assistant, who both succumbed to their injuries. Seven other people were reportedly injured in the school shooting.

Shooting victims la loche

Four people were killed by an alleged teenaged shooter Friday in La Loche: (Clockwise from top left): Marie Janvier, 21; Adam Wood, 35; Drayden Fontaine, 13; and Dayne Fontaine, 17

The whole community, of just under 3000 people, is in mourning and looking for answers to their questions.  In a community gathering last night, the community came to hear about what happened and to be able to share their feelings. Media outlets from all over showed up to cover the gathering.

One reporter from CBC was in the gathering at the back and in my opinion, she was very rude. She was speaking so loudly that people who were trying to hear the speakers, couldn’t, and they kept turning around as if to say, quiet down or take it elsewhere. To this reporter it’s just another story but to the people who live there, it’s a real life tragedy they won’t be able to leave and go on for a very long time. Thumbs down to the reporter for her rude behavior.

I will be doing a live #Periscope at 12:00 p.m. PSt, 13:00 MT 14:00 CT 15:00 ET 16:00 AT about the tragedy and what may have led up to it. Please join me by adding me on Twitter and Periscope:

I will update this blog after the live stream. I look forward to questions and suggestions on how we might prevent this from happening again.

Thanks as usual or being you. This is a tragedy we need to talk about.


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