What if we started this planet as a commune?

Could Earth have been started as a commune?

Recently I heard someone speak on a local media program about a topic I am rather interested in so I listened. The topic was about space and whether or not we as the human race could inherit or occupy another planet in case our own planet has a catastrophic event and our species and all life on this planet is destroyed.

I have often wondered about whether or not we in fact could be a experiment from another planet and group of maybe humans like us. I’ve thought about the idea of the Bible and whether or not we could have in fact being created the way the Bible tells us. I’ve wondered about why when Adam and Eve’s son Cain was banished from Eden and how he in fact ended up with a wife and living in her Village in the Land of Nod.

Could that have been a misunderstanding and could we have possibly been sent here to start a new planet because our own original Planet may have in fact being destroyed.

Does this make you wonder too?

It does make more sense. Perhaps the Bible is loosely correct about how our  planet started and who started it, however, it may be wrong in some sense as well.

The idea of our species beginning as a microorganism in The Land Before Time and that we have in fact lived with Dinosaurs Etc is something that could make sense, however, there have been drawings which have been found in caves which depict what appear to be spaceships and aliens.

Is it possible that was when the Bible started and people started remembering things because they were transplants and because there was some sort of record somewhere? This combined with a section of the Bible talking about chariots coming from the sky, being deemed, or seem to be in relation to, spaceships coming from the sky, could make sense.

So my mind is turning in circles right now trying to think about whether or not we are an experiment or transplant or new commune which was made because the original Planet was failing or there was some sort of catastrophic event. I hope your mind is wondering now too that way my mind has company as I toss around the idea of where our life-form actually did come from.

This is something that we can all think about and wonder because according to the gentleman who owns SpaceX who says we will be living on Mars in the year 2026 less than a decade away from now. He believes that our species needs to move to another planet in case there is a catastrophic event such as a meteor hitting our planet and destroying our life form. I have to wonder if in fact any planet could be a target including Mars which is the one this gentleman believes that we will be moving to. We cannot control what happens in the universe and we cannot control which planet may or may not be in firing line of a meteor shower which comes through our galaxy universe.

So does it really matter which planet we move to?

I don’t believe that it would matter which planet we would move to as we would still be a target of some enforceable catastrophic events from the universe which we would not be able to control. I don’t believe that we’re safe anywhere that we are and right now particularly on our own planet Earth because of the events which are happening around the world.

Whether you believe in the Bible and a god starting this planet or you believe in evolution and that we started from a microorganism or you believe that, like me, that we started as an experiment and or as a commune, that you and I continue to take care of our planet because we need to leave this planet in better shape when we leave then when we started. We need to leave this planet in shape so that our children can continue to inhabit this planet.

I hope this Blog has you thinking a little bit like I am thinking right now. I hope you can’t see this team that is coming out of my ears his I am contemplating this idea that perhaps we were a commune.









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