How to stay safe when you are outside alone

How to stay safe when you are outside alone

Recently there have been a large number of unprovoked attacks on strangers and in particular women. On December 16 2013 one woman was attacked outside a local skating arena and today a second woman was attacked in similar fashion, however, this latest victim is not expected to survive her injuries. For this reason I have written a blog on how to stay safe when outside alone. Stay safe.

Walking outside alone has become a danger in some places and we need to know how to keep ourselves safe. Here are tips on how to stay safe when you are outside alone. Stay safe and remember if you are scared, call the police emergency line. Better to be safe than sorry.

Tips and reminders:

If you are walking alone:

·Be Aware- Know your surroundings and remove your headphones.

·Trust Your Instincts- If something does not feel right, remove yourself from the situation.

·Walk with Confidence- Keep your head up and know where you are going.

·Only Essentials- Carry only the necessary identification, money, or cards that you need.

·Keep in Touch- Bring your cell phone so you can make emergency calls.

·Stay Visible- Stay in well-lit areas and don’t wear dark clothes at night.

·Keys Ready- Have your car or house keys ready before you reach the door.

Minimize your risk:

·Don’t carry large bags or purses
·Don’t carry large amounts of cash
·Don’t carry important documents like a passport or birth certificate
·Don’t make your valuables visible

If you are approached:

If you are approached and verbally threatened or physically assaulted you can avoid further confrontation, by giving the perpetrator all the property they want. Do not fight back. Never engage in an altercation as it increases your chance of getting physically harmed. Although it is not essential, try to observe the perpetrator’s shoes, clothing, or visible markings like scars, tattoos or piercings to help the police in later identifying the suspect. When the robbery has ended and the perpetrator has left, call 911 to report the crime.


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