Stop lying online and just be you


Stop lying online and just be you

Here’s a thought, why not just stop lying online and just be you? If you think having a fake persona online makes people like or believe you, you are completely and utterly wrong. Today all anyone has to do is do a browser search on your name, screen names, social media accounts, company, cause or even image, to see if what you say is really true. Some things set off an alarm in us which should not be silenced because it’s almost always right about what it’s alerting you to. If it sounds too good to be true than it probably is.

Today far too many people create fake persona’s online in hopes of getting approval of others so they can approve themselves. Our worth is not based on what others think of us but rather what we think of us. If you question yourself then perhaps it’s time to realize something may be wrong. It’s our choice to fix what is broke or not. It’s our choice to lie to gain friends, followers or subscribers. My choice is not to care about any of that. My self worth is not measured by what others say or think about me. I can look in the mirror and like who I see looking back. I have a great shirt I got in Florida that says what my mantra is, “I just want to tell you that I really, really, really don’t care.” You shouldn’t care about what others think about you either.

The people who live in a fantasy land live there because they need to. They need to believe the world they see is how it really is. Some people cannot accept their lives and they choose to live through others instead, becoming increasingly more and more upset.

I made this video which is inspired by Essena O’Neill to say that we need to stop thinking that social media is who we are because it’s not. We are not who we are online. We are who we are offline. I will never be anything more than I am and I am more than happy to be that.

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My final thoughts:

Rock on with your bad self offline and make sure to bring the real you online. Don’t worry about what strangers think about you, just worry about what you think about you. If you like you, that is all that matters.

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my video. Have a truly amazing day.

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