Takayasu Arteritis Sucks and these video’s explain why

Takayasu Arteritis Sucks and these video’s explain why

Takayasu Arteritis is rare and I live with this disease. I thought perhaps I would share some of my video’s and others talking about what it is and what it’s not. I’ve closed captioned (CC) my latest video’s but plan on doing this for all. I will also be adding audio recordings in the near future of all my blogs for those who are site challenged. Thanks and please feel free to comment below.

Takayasu Arteritis Sucks CC

Takayasu Arteritis Sucks 2 CC

Takayasu Arteritis Sucks 3 CC

More video’s explaining others experience with Takayasu Arteritis (Please subscribe to the channels if you want to):

What Takayasu looks like:

Nancy and Takayasu Arteritis:

Children get this rare disease too.  Here’s Kendall’s story:

Takayasu Arteritis can be deadly because there is no cure. RIP Misty Kay Johnson:

Takayasu Arteritis affects women generally but men can get this disease too:

I’ve been living with this for a little over a decade and it’s left me with a few Myocardial Infarctions (Heart attacks), two Lacunar Infarctions (Strokes) and suddenly dying at home in 2008, needing to be resuscitated and spent two weeks in hospital on what they called “super mega dose” of steroids and pain medication for the horrific chest pain from vasospasm. Most recently I’ve had two cardiac events which required hospital care and an increase in my heart medication. My heart began galloping to 131 beats per minute where as normal is 70. The week prior my heart rate was 65 so this was alarming. When you feel and hear every pulse in your body accompanied by severe chest pain, it’s very scary to say the least. I’ve been physically disabled from a catastrophic injury 14 years ago and crutching around is tiring at times due to the Takayasu Arteritis and no pulse in my left wrist. Remember this is also known as the pulseless disease with missing pulses all over your body.

It’s been two weeks since the last cardiac event and while I’m still very tired, at least I can now get up and use my crutches to get from point A to point B. My hopes is that I will not have to go back on the steroid treatment and I hope that this goes back into remission. Takayasu is not fun.

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More information on Takayasu Arteritis:

Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/takayasus-arteritis/basics/definition/con-20028085

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