Talking with a terrorist named Ahmad

Ahmad appeared from nowhere into my Periscope video yesterday. Once in my chat he decided to mention that he was from Gaza in Palestine. I have had many friends from the Middle East including that particular area, so it was no surprise to have a new friend from Palestine to speak to. The conversation soon turned from friendly to hateful.

Young men brainwashed to believe killing innocents for a cause is right

This young man, proclaimed that he was part of the terrorist organization known as Hamas. That’s Revelation was not the issue for me. The issue arose when he started speaking in a anti-Semitic way towards all of those who are Jewish and or who live in Israel.

Explain but don’t use hate speech

This created a problem for me and I’ll tell you why. First of all I have Jewish people in my own family. I am not a Jewish person however I have a Jewish grandson. When this person said that all Jewish people must die, this hit home for me. I know that one day my grandson will take the journey to where he came from and I would not want to think that his life would be in danger simply because of his religion.

Respect is earned not given easily

I maintained a respectful conversation to gather as much information out of this person to find out why he felt that all Jewish people should die and we’re guilty of some Unwritten crime against Palestine. I asked him questions about why he felt the way he did and he said because of what the Israelis are doing to his people.

Claim to be a killer be prepared for the tough questions

The turning point to the conversation for me became when, after being ask the hard questions about why he felt it was right to kill children in the suicide bomb attacks comma he got angry and told me that I should go put myself in an oven. He then went on to refer to himself as Hitler. He claims all the while that Hamas was not a terrorist organisation when in fact he had proven that it was simply by his own words on how to deal with the problems in the Middle East.

Claiming an army is terrorist for protecting their borders is wrong

He said that the Israelis were the terrorists and that Hamas was not a terrorist organisation. I reminded him that I had never heard of the Israeli Army coming into Palestine and then attaching a suicide belts to themselves to blow themselves up and kill many innocent women and children around public gathering spaces. He did not like that. This infuriated the young man even more and the racial slurs begin to fly.

Endings lead to beginnings

The conversation ended with me finally saying goodnight and then it started again when I said good morning on Periscope this morning. I repeated my conversation with this young man and reminded him that he knew and was targeting at least one of my Jewish friends on Twitter. He did not like this.

I also reminded him that he appeared on a few different web sites and had been doing this same behavior for quite a while. He didn’t like that either. He has two Twitter accounts which he uses for his anti-semitic comments.

My Hope Is that people will report him and have his account taken down and that if he chooses to be foolish enough to come back into my periscope that I will continue to gather more information for any government organizations who are interested in speaking to a person who is for killing innocent people to prove a point.

Nothing good has ever come from killing.

Just ask the mother’s and father’s who are missing their child due to killing. My concern is that we have people like this young man using our social media and spreading their hate towards others openly now.

I would appreciate if social media would actually take an interest in what it is that is being spewed on their platforms and that they would take appropriate action to remove it.

My thoughts

So I guess what I would like to say is this, it doesn’t matter where we come from or what our religion is or what our skin color is or who we love or what are disability is or isn’t, what matters is what resides inside of us. What do we hold deep in our hearts. Do we hold love or do we hold hate. Do we want to educate ourselves or do we want to remain in the mire that we have already put ourselves into. It really is up to each of us to decide where it is we want to go and how it is we want to get there. We have to do things without hurting anyone else in our rise to wherever it is that we choose to be.

My hope is that we learn to respect each other even if we never even learn to like or love each other. We can choose to agree to disagree.

To all of those in Palestine and Israel who are against the fighting, who are against killing, who are against having terrorist organizations decide for them where they can and cannot be comma I hope that there is peace one day for you. If there is not peace for yourself, I hope that there’s peace for your children who will come one day.

Stay safe and stand up to hate speech.

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