Thankful for the people who are here

Thankful for all the people in my life who I adore

Is it that difficult to express being thankful to others? I think it’s difficult for some people to be thankful for what and who they have in their lives. It’s easy to complain about things we are unable to control, but it’s much more difficult to say thank you to the people who are in our lives in a positive way every day. We need to all be thankful for those who we love and who appreciate us for all our goodness, our quirks and our mistakes.

I am thankful to all the people I have in my offline life and for all those in my online life who have touched my life in a positive way. In a world full of people, I can say that I have some of the nicest, most caring and kind people as online friends. I am appreciative for them and their words all over social media. Just when I think I’ve had a bad day from the chronic pain and not being able to walk, I get the kindest, spur of the moment, comments asking me if I’m okay and or asking if they can do something to help. Those are amazing people and they are a very important part of my social online life.


Takayasu Arteritis affects all blood flows including the large arteries.

I am thankful to the people who do the job of dealing with medical issues and for giving answers and help, if and when they can. Living with a rare illness, I’ve had to instruct some doctors on what it is I have. I have suggested looking it up online so they understand the signs and symptoms, and they do. If not for good doctors who ran the right tests, I would never have understood why I keep having cardiac events, strokes and abdominal issues.


This is a good graphic showing Takayasu Arteritis. Also known as Pulseless disease.

It appears this disease affects every blood flowing organ in my body, including my veins and arteries, which go into spasm if there is stress, illness or just because. My heart races suddenly upwards of 160 beats per minute while resting which causes me to go to hospital and where they have to treat the disease which is rearing it’s ugly head from remission. If I catch it in time, I can take the meds and feel better soon, however, the meds themselves are horrible and make your entire body swell. The last time I died at home, I had a super mega dose of the medication, with pain meds, due to the pain of the arterial spasms.

I’m thankful the disease is not always out and about and only rears it’s ugly head under times of extreme stress, low immunity and illness. I try to not get to the point where I am too stressed or too ill because it will cause the disease to come back and I may end up not surviving another attack.

I’m thankful that this disease, although playing havack with my artery in back of my eye, I can still drive. My eyes are okay but not great so I wear trifocals. In fact, the artery in the back of my eye was the start of the investigation as having your artery in the back of your eye inflamed is not common and a sign of a few diseases.

My first attack witnessed by doctors, was done during an Angiogram (Arterial Angiogram). The doctors witness all the arteries to my heart spasm and I had a heart attack due to no oxygen or blood flow. I’ve died three times from this disease and had several strokes. I’m thankful I’m okay today.

A good video showing the disease Takayasu Arteritis that I have:

I’m thankful I can sit here and write a post and share my views on what is happening in our world. I really enjoy watching things happen around the world and then writing about my own feelings about them. This blog has been a blessing for me to write all the stories about real people and real events, and that you read them. Thank you.

I’m thankful that by sharing my own experience with severe child abuse, that others have reached out to me with their own stories of survival and that I have been able to personally help some others to escape their nightmares. I believe that we need to share our stories so someone else will have courage to become a survivor in their own life. Some believe it’s wrong to share my story about abuse, but I disagree. I believe sharing is caring and hopefully, someone else will gain courage.

I’m thankful to a person who cooks, cleans, does laundry, shops, works and accepts me for me. I want to pick up a broom and sweep a floor but I can’t. This person loves and accepts me for me. I’m thankful that I have awesome kids and grands in my life who know I can’t do much but still want to be with me, just because. I love my grands because they have only known me as disabled and never treated me any different. They are amazing little people.

I just wanted to chat today and not make the blog about any serious stuff, to say thank you for being you and for supporting the blog and what I say. Thank you for being a wonderful person and thank you for reaching out to not only me but many others, to make sure they are okay. You really are that amazing.


I have Takayasu Arteritis. Here are some links for more info:


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