Things I Hate – Child predators & Racists

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I don’t like to say hate about anything but there are things I hate and get under my skin. Child abusers who don’t hide what they do but do it loud and proud claiming to be a child predator because they think no one cares. I mean seriously how can one child predator sexually abuse over 9.7K children online and off right? I guess it is possible if you are in your mid to late 40’s and target kids online in youth chat rooms. Child predators make me sick and angry at the same time because they never think what they are doing is wrong. As a former abused child I can tell you what they do is wrong.

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

If you follow my blogs you will be familiar with a very talkative online child predator, Phil the Phile aka Philip Rose. He has been threatening to upload child porn images and today he did just that. I would ask that you report his blog to the link shown below. I have reported it already and let Amanda’s mom know it’s online. What really scares me is that he claims to have a lot of original video’s of not only Amanda but others. Originals and not copies.

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The second thing which I hate are racists. I am not sure why they believe that one race is superior over another. We all bleed red. If you needed blood to live, would it matter which race donated it or that it saves your life? I actually feel a little sorry for racists because they are filled with so much hate that they have to release it on innocent people. The reason? Their race. Not that they are bad people but simply because their God gave them the color skin they have. Why hate /a race? it’s not like anyone can choose what they will be before they are born. Racists are just angry little trolls.


Sorry haven’t written much for a few days but I had hand surgery on Monday so it is kind of painful. Thank you to all the subscribers and thanks for reading my blog and sharing your own stories. Have a great day.

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