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Today was the end of the long awaited trial against George Zimmerman who was the then 28 year old man who followed, shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin who had just celebrated his birthday less than a month before his death. He will forever remain a child of 17 who will never have a life, unlike George Zimmerman who may suffer with the loss of his freedom for awhile.

I have been watching this unfold since two days after it happened and being contacted by someone claiming to be a cousin of Trayvon Martin and their request to sign a petition calling for justice for Trayvon. I don’t just get involved in anything so I did some research and found that this was a tragedy which could have been avoided and would have resulted in Trayvon still being here, attending school, planning graduation, maybe going to college, meet a girl he falls in love with, gets married and maybe gives his parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracey Martin, grand children one day. None of that will ever happen and there is no amount of wishing that will change it.

Over the last year I have heard many pieces of info which were then used to present the case in court. I have heard the 911 calls by witness’ and more importantly, the non emergency call which George Zimmerman made on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. I have looked at crime scene photo’s and watched George as he did the reenactment of the shooting, less than a day after it happened. I have seen the handwritten statements given by witness’ and heard them on the stand in this case when they gave their testimony. Some witness’ were more credible than others and some twisted the facts to fit what George Zimmerman wanted them to.

In the last few weeks I have been online by 6 in the morning since the trial takes place 3 hours ahead of my time. I felt it was important to get up during the week to see if what I believe from what I have seen, was true or false. I did try to give George Zimmerman a chance to explain his side of the story but let’s face it, the story was too hard to follow since it kept changing, sometimes in mid sentence. “And then I went up to him….I mean he came up to me.” The Sean Hannity interview was a real glimpse into the mind of a killer wasn’t it? He did not seem to be upset by his actions and actually smiled and laughed while giving his story which changed and changed. When asked if there was anything he regretted or would have differently, he responding with a “No. It was God’s will.” I am confused. Doesn’t God want us to live? It appears to me that the God George Zimmerman speaks of is not the one that most people believe in. Is it God’s will for a grown man to park in a neighborhood, where he did not live (by his own admission he had to walk through the cut through in order to give a street name and address), load his gun, get out of his vehicle and FOLLOW a young man resulting in the shooting death of this child? If that is the God George talks to then I’m sorry but I will have to pass on that.

Here are the important points of the case:

*George Zimmerman had issues with those he perceived as criminals and contacted the police often with black teen or young men, always being the target of the “suspicious” behaviour.
*George Zimmerman had a history of following as evidenced by his many calls to both emergency and non emergency operators at times while driving down a busy highway talking on his cell phone.
*George Zimmerman did not live on the street he was parked on and in fact states that he had to go to the opposite street using the cut through.
*George Zimmerman waited and watched with a concealed weapon which he pulled out and had to do two steps in order for it to fire the hollow point bullet it held in the chamber. He set the gun to fire by completing the first step and thus only requiring one shot when he followed Trayvon.
*George Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, with a gun ready to fire, and actively followed Trayvon until told not to by the non emergency operator.
*George Zimmerman did not return to his vehicle but instead continued to search for Trayvon, against instruction of the non emergency operator.
*George Zimmerman did not just lay on the ground and take a beating. He reacted. His claims of not defending himself change from one statement to another. On one he claims that he could do nothing but let him hit him. On another he claims to put his arms out to prevent the blows. On another he states he grabbed Trayvon’s arm in a wrist lock.
*George Zimmerman did know the street he was on. He was the block watch captain and had lived in the neighborhood for four years. He made a statement at first including the call, that he did not know the street he was on. In the reenactment only hours later he had no problem telling the police officer he was traveling with during the taping of the reeanactment that the house was on what street.
*George Zimmerman claims his injuries were so severe from being beaten that he feared for his life and yet he refused the advice of any medical staff to get xrays etc. He would have had a concussion from the banging of his head more than 20 times on the sidewalk and there would have been a lot more blood.
*Trayvon Martin did not have George Zimmerman’s blood all over his hands which he would have if he had been repeatedly slamming George Zimmerman’s head and or punching him over and over. AT the very least he should have blood on the palms and fingers of his hand from George Zimmerman’s claim that he was pinching his nose and covering his mouth.
*George Zimmerman pulled his concealed weapon from his back area rather than his claims of being from the front hip. In the reenactment George Zimmerman clearly shows that he pulled his gun out from behind him. Trayvon Martin would not have felt or knew about the gun as it was under George Zimmerman.
*George Zimmerman claims Trayvon covered his nose and mouth with two hands and then reached across his chest to pull out the concealed weapon…from under George Zimmerman. Trayvon had two hands and not three or more as George Zimmerman claims.
*George Zimmerman had a preconceived idea of who this young teen was even before he knew anything about him. “These assholes always get away.” “Fucking punks”. According to his own witness they had discussed her own break in issue and they both spoke many times about their frustrations with crime in the neighborhood and for the criminals to not get caught or punished.
*George Zimmerman told many stories to many different people. Some people took time to write books with the information he gave them and which later was proved as false in the courtroom under examination.
*George Zimmerman has never showed any remorse for what he did.
*George Zimmerman is guilty of murder.
*Trayvon will never come back.

Some atrocities in this case which are my opinion:

*George Zimmerman gave media interviews with many different versions of what he did that night.
*George Zimmerman created a website almost immediately after shooting and killing unarmed 17 year old Trayvon
*George Zimmerman lied on the stand with his wife Shellie about how much money they had in the PayPal account on the website for donations resulting in Shellie being charged with perjury and the bond being reversed and elevated.
*George Zimmerman’s brother, Richard Zimmerman Jr., helped to create George Zimmerman’s first website, which was taken down after the 2nd bond hearing, and then helped to create almost duplicate website for their parents, Richard and Gladys Zimmerman, begging for money using a PayPal account.
*George Zimmerman’s family and friends made money from doing interviews and by tweeting.
*George Zimmerman’s friends wrote books based on what their “friend” told them and profited from this.
*George Zimmerman’s gym trainer used this case to post an ad for the same training George Zimmerman got, the day after his testimony was given in court.

I have watched the court proceedings and wondered why John Donnelly was allowed to have his character testimony stand when he was in fact a proven liar and had been in court for a full day and part of the next listening to witness testimony. The video’s show him taking notes so for the defense to claim he didn’t know what he was doing or that it was wrong, is wrong in my opinion. When questioned by prosecution as to why they should allow his testimony, O’Mara stated that it was simply a problem of miscommunication although he was quick to state he had never actually met or talked to Mr. Donnelly. O’Mara stated that Donnelly was in the court room because he was asked by George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, to provide support for her in the courtroom She was not in the courtroom and was aware that all the witness’ were sequestered so that was another lie. Obviously his friend is going to say whatever it takes to save his friend and lying is just one thing his friends seem to do. Donnelly’s testimony was allowed to stand.

Another issue is the testimony of Osterman who had written a book about his “friend” George Zimmerman who he at first claimed to be “best friends” with but later changed it to “One of the better friends I’ve ever had.” (Not verbatim) How can his testimony stand if he profited from the crime? Why not wait until after the trial to do that? For me he was not believable and in fact he cited some things verbatim which George later changes his story to after meeting with him the first night this happened. Like for instance the reference both George and Osterman make regarding Shellie Zimmerman seeing George at the police station after his head is already cleaned up. Both say the same “Shellie went into her nurse mode.” Peculiar that both would say the same thing.

During the reenactment George Zimmerman sounds as though he is reciting something which was a practiced statement when he speaks about supposedly Trayvon covering his nose and mouth. When he speaks he says “And then he covered his … oh I mean my.” (Not verbatim) Why do that?

I am a people watcher and I tend to watch body language and eye contact of people. What I see when I look at George or his family, I see people who think they are above and beyond the law and that nothing wrong happened. George’s clan think he is a victim and not Trayvon. Last time I checked, it was Trayvon who is no longer here and therefore he is in fact the real victim and not the grown man who shot a teenager for no other reason then he believed him to be “suspicious” because he was walking home in the rain. Watching the Zimmerman’s and friends Tweet in the courtroom only defines why I feel this way about them. The entire clan have no issue with making money off of their family member killing someone. I guess they missed the part about George parking in the neighborhood where he had no business to be or that he set his gun to fire before getting out of his vehicle and following an unarmed teenager.

I watch Trayvon’s family too and I see complete emotion and hope. Not hope that their family member will ever come back. They accept that Trayvon will never come back. Hope that there will be justice for Trayvon. What I see when looking at Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, is a mother struggling to remain strong but barely hanging on. I see emotion in her eyes and that of his father Tracey Martin. These two people have sat through this proceeding and have been subjected to views of their son that they probably hoped they would never have to see. They have had to listen over and over to a call which they hear someone screaming frantically for help. Strength is what I see when I look at his parents.

I looked at the lawyers who were there do a job and found that while the lawyers were human and treated witness’ with respect for the most part, Don West did not. I found Don West to only cement my idea that this defendant thinks he did nothing wrong. Killing Trayvon? No that was “God’s will” remember? What about the infamous ice cream photo his daughter tweeted “#dadkilledit” at a murder trial of a young boy. Callous and cold to say the very least. Don West came off as arrogant as does his client and I hope the jury was able to pick that up.

While this case is not decided on emotion, it is decided on fact and the facts state that George Zimmerman did an act he never had to do. The case will not be decided on “speculation” but rather facts. Facts which we have all heard. Is there any doubt that Trayvon tried to fight back? No. I would have too. Humans have reactions to severe anxiety and that is the fight or flight theory. They either choose to stand their ground and fight back or they run from the issue. George had a choice. He made the wrong one.

So now while we all wait for this decision, there are many questions we are wanting answers too but we must now accept that we may never get the answers we are looking for. We need to wait and accept the decision whether we agree with it or not. The bottom line will be justice for Trayvon Martin. I will wait for that announcement and then I will shed some tears of my own for this young man I never knew but who has become a part of my life here on the West coast of Canada. Now we wait.

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