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Dear you remember to love you

Truer words have not been spoken. Often times we are so busy loving other people, we lose ourselves and forget that we need to know we are loved by ourselves too.

Have a super day! You deserve nothing but the best in life.


Secrets and lies behind closed doors

My father, Wayne Colin Giles, is this to a T. People always thought he was a great guy which he really was but when it came to his family, we weren’t so lucky to know the nice guy. We knew a man who smiled while he beat you bloody. We knew a man who didn’t think twice about taking out a gun and threatening to end our lives. We knew a man who drove a car through our home. We knew a man who fired a gun at my nine year old head because I didn’t have the answers he wanted.


Through the window

Through the window I can see a sky as deep as blue as I ever did see.


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  1. Debbie Reply

    I am very happy to find this blog. I’ve learned a lot about things here. I like the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin story. So sad for Trayvon’s family. Thank You

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