Unexpected Guests – Fiction

Image: vansdolltreasures.blogspot.com

Image: vansdolltreasures.blogspot.com

Unexpected Guests – Fiction

What would happen if you walked into your home to see a strange couple you didn’t know, casually sitting on your sofa eating a slice of cake?  This is my story.

It was a typical winter day in Vancouver and the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down and I couldn’t wait to get out of the cold rain and into my nice warm apartment.  I had an umbrella when I started my way home from work on Georgia Street but the side ways rain soaked wind took care of that little problem and turned my sturdy, or so I thought, umbrella inside out.  So much for the umbrella.

I walked to the Skytrain station on Granville, making sure to sidestep people who were lucky enough to still have an umbrella.  I got to the Skytrain, prepared for what I knew would be a large number of people squished into each car.  I was looking forward to just getting home.  I looked around and realized that no one were actually talking to each other or even looking up for the most part.  Everywhere I looked there were people on tablets, phones and laptops connected to the net and nothing else.  I decided to join them and took my phone and ear buds out to listen to some of my favorite songs on the online radio station www.bewytchmeradio.com

The automatic voice announcement came up warning us of the next stop and I was more than happy to get off at King George Station.  I had lived in Surrey for many years and enjoyed the lower rent and parks.  Sure there were a ton of jokes about Surrey but those applied to the way it used to be and it definitely was not the way it used to be.

I grabbed the free newspaper in the lobby of the Skytrain station to use as a mediocre bit of cover.  I exited through the “Kiss n Ride” section and headed to the back where I could see my condo building just calling my name.  I approached the door and used my key to unlock the door.  One of the perks for me was the high security in the building.  I was aware that years ago there was a multiple murder in the building but I knew that things were far more secure than things were back then.

I passed one of my neighbors, on the way to the elevator, and just like the people on the train, they were buried in their device and didn’t seem to even know I was there.  I had to move out of the way when they came barreling through in my direction.  I was happy to see the elevator and happier still to see the door open even before I pressed the button to go up.  I rode the elevator to the 16th floor and when the door opened, I realized how happy I was to be coming home.

I wrestled my keys out again and opened my door.  I pushed the door open, slid off my soaking wet shoes, hung up my keys and went straight to my room to get changed.  I realized as I was walking to my room that I was not alone.  I swear I shrieked a little when I saw the older couple sitting on my sofa, casually eating a slice of cake I knew was not mine.  Now how do I handle this without causing problems if this was a home invasion, although this didn’t seem like a home invasion.

I stopped and took a breath.  “Hello?”  I said timidly.

The couple didn’t seem to have heard my introduction and they continued to calmly eat their cake.

“Hello?  Can I help you please?  What are you doing in my home?”  I began to reach for my phone to call 911.

“Hello.  You can call the police if you like but they won’t be able to help you.”  The man announced.

Now I really did feel scared.  What were their intentions and why wouldn’t the police be able to help me?

“We should tell you that it’s not you who can help us but it is us who can help you.”  The woman responded.

I was perplexed and yet I sensed that these two were not any danger to me.  I’m not sure why but I put my phone down and walked over to the couple.  I sat down on my recliner in the living room and stared at them, wondering what the next question or words would be.

“Okay now that we have that out of the way, you can relax.  We are not here to hurt you.  We have been sent to help you get through what you are about to go through.”  The man said.

What the hell was he talking about?  My life was pretty much even and without any crazy events.  I had lost my parents ten years ago and had no other family.  I had worked at the same job for the last seven years now.  I was quite happy being on my own.

“Okay I think it’s fair to ask who you both are and why you are here?  How did you get in?  This building is very secure.”  I asked.

“Firstly,” the woman said, “we have always been here.  We have always been with you.  We are not of this world so we do not need a key to open a door to enter your life.”

“Who we are is not really important and we should warn you that your mind may not accept the answer.  We are not from a place but a dimension.  We can slip between our world and yours as we are needed.  We have always been here.  My wife is right.  Shall we tell her who we are dear?”

The woman looked at me and then looked at the gentleman who was still eating the cake.  “Okay dear whatever you think is best.  Perhaps she should know.”  She looked down at her cake and then looked back up and said words I really couldn’t believe.

“We are angels.  We have been with you since you were conceived.  You may have felt alone many times in your life but you were never truly alone.  We have always been here with you on this plane and will be with you on others you will eventually visit.”

I’m sure my mouth was hanging open with the shock my body felt.  A million words rushed to my brain but for some reason my mouth just wouldn’t say them.  After about five minutes, of looking like a crazy person, I was able to speak.

“Okay what?  You are what?  Look I’m not religious in any way and not a big fan of the afterlife.  I tend to believe in what I can see and I can’t believe in something I have never seen.”  Now I began to wonder which psychiatric hospital they had escaped from and once again, I found myself reaching for my phone.

The woman and the man had a peaceful aura around them and the cake never seemed to be finished.  I wondered if maybe I had fallen on my way home, hit my head and should be contacting the hospital for a check up or something.

“Yes we know this is hard to believe but think about this for a minute.  How many times in your life have things happened to you which you felt like you were all alone and then suddenly you had that feeling that you were not alone and someone was there holding your hand?”  He asked.

“Remember the time when your puppy Silver fell asleep and never work up when you were five and you cried and cried?  You wondered why he wouldn’t wake up and wondered if the pain you felt would ever pass.  One day it did.  You felt us holding your hand and giving you gentle hugs.  We even visited you in your dreams to help ease the pain a little.  One day you stopped crying.”  She said.

“What about the time when your parents died suddenly in that accident and you felt completely alone?  Remember how you spent weeks crying from your loss and questioning how you would carry on?  We wrapped our loving arms around you then so you wouldn’t feel so alone.  We have been here for so many things in your life both good and bad.”  He reminded me

“I am really having problems believing this.  Sure I went through hell at times in my life but why didn’t i see you until now?”  I asked.

“Well you never saw us until now because you never needed to.  Until now, you lifted your self up from pain, dealt with it and moved on.  Now you are stagnant and have forgotten the real value of life and living.  We are here to remind you that you cannot live and do things alone.  You need to have someone to help you.”  She said.

“Have you been feeling okay lately?”  She asked.

I took a minute to think about this.  I had been feeling just fine and in fact I had dropped some excess weight and was trying to exercise as much as I could.  I was feeling a little sick to my tummy though and I had no idea why.  Maybe this was what she was asking about.

“I’ve been okay just a little nauseaus but nothing some boiled ginger root hasn’t helped.”  I said.

“Shall we tell her, Bill?”  The woman asked with a smile.

“I think it’s time, Mavis.  Go ahead.”  Bill said.

Mavis’ eyes lit up and a huge smile crossed her lips.  “You, my dear, are pregnant.”

Okay what?  How could I be pregnant?  I haven’t had a real date in forever, with the exception of that one guy a couple of months ago….oh wait….could he be the one?

“How is this possible and how do you know before I do?”  I asked.

“We told you we are from a different dimension dear.  We knew when, where and with who this would happen long before you did.”  Bill reminded me.

“I’m not ready for a baby.  What can I possibly have to offer a baby?  I can’t even find time for myself, let alone a child.” I said.

“It’s not whether you are ready for a baby but it’s more that the baby is ready for you.  This baby waited for just the right time to come to you and give you something to fill your arms and heart with.  You may feel worried and confused right now but we will be here for you and for the baby.”  Mavis explained.

I thought about this seriously and realized that I had come up against many problems in my life I felt I would not be strong enough to face and survive.  Could this be the ultimate challenge?  Could I really do this?  How could I raise a child on my own?

“The answer is, you will do fine.  Never question whether or not you can do something because the answer will always be, yes you will.  Give yourself a chance to prove yourself right. ”  Bill said.

“But, but, but,” I said as tears started to flow down my cheeks.  I had no idea why I was crying.  I also had no idea why I suddenly had a sense of peace come over my stressed mind.  The torrential cold rain and wind were forgotten and the thoughts were quickly turned to a baby, my baby.

“Dear it’s going to be okay.  You are going to do just fine and we will always be here to help you with each step you take.  We will be here for you and your baby just as we have always been.  You will not be alone.”  Mavis reassured me.

I closed my eyes and let the tears fall against my cheeks and I could feel two loving arms wrapped tightly around me.  I felt movement in my belly and suddenly realized that this was what love felt like.

I opened my eyes to find Bill and Mavis suddenly gone and only two empty plates where the cake used to be.  I guess this was to say that yes you could really have your cake and eat it too.  You could embrace change and fear to find love and light.  I wiped away my tears and reached down to caress the baby which was growing inside of my belly.  I was filled with love.  I was not alone.  I was protected.

Seven and a half months later, after a grueling 16 hours of labor, I held my daughter in my arms for the very first time.  I looked into her beautiful eyes and she looked back at mine.  I felt her little fingers wrap around my index finger and then I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of love and a delightful kiss on both cheeks.  Two voices whispered in the quiet later, “You are not alone.  We are here.  You are loved.  You matter.  You are strong.  This is a new beginning.  Love will follow you all the days of your lives.”

I closed my eyes, filled with peace and believed every whispered word.  I knew that it wasn’t always going to be easy but I knew I was not alone.  Who knew that coming home on that rainy day to find two strangers eating cake on my sofa, would be a good thing?  I am so happy to have Bill and Mavis.  I am happier still to have my little Angel.  Now our life journey begins.

If you came home to find two strangers eating cake on your sofa what would do?  Thanks for reading my blog and have a truly fantastic day.

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