Update Video: Zimmerman, Sarah and Independence

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Hey everyone! Hope your day is spectacular and if you are American, hope this day is fantabulous for you and yours.

This video is an update on George Zimmerman trial and Saving Sarah who is a six year old girl in Oklahoma who was sent to live with her convicted sexual offender father.

Sarah’s father had been convicted in the 1990’s for sexually assaulting his then six year old step daughter. He served jail time and now lives with a girlfriend and her son. He can’t go to school, parks, swimming pools, libraries or anywhere children attend to but he can have children living in his home? Something is wrong with that.

After speaking with Sarah’s uncle, they have taken my advice and now hired a lawyer who is setting up a donation account so we may help with the legal costs for Sarah. What we all want is what is best for Sarah so if that means it’s best for Sarah to live with people other than her parent’s then so be it. If it’s best for her to live with her aunt and uncle whom have looked after her off and on and who love her, then that will be the best for her. Living with a convicted pedophile is not the best thing for Sarah since she has complained already of her step brother touching her inappropriately in the bathtub.

I will post ways to help here once we have everything solidly confirmed. If George can raise money for his legal defense for murder than we can raise money to help one little girl. Thanks for your support.

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