I have a real interest in life both good and bad and want to learn as much as I can. We only live once, or more depending on your religious beliefs, so we need to make this life count. I cover a number of tops from personal to world news.

How to report a Tumblr account for harassment

This vlog is about Tumblr account users who choose to violate the Terms of Use or Service using their accounts.  In this case this vlog is about a woman who attempted to troll this blog, posted the links you will see and then conducted herself in a very bad way on the Tumblr page.  In this particular case it’s even more troubling when you consider she suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism), epilepsy (trying to raise funds for a seizure dog) and resides in a care home for those with mental and physical disabilities.  If you read the blog I wrote about Asperger’s and what behaviors it can bring out in those who live with it, you will see why this is troubling and puzzling at the same time.  Just because you suffer a mental illness does not mean the rest of the world or the justice system has to be okay with it.

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Very Important Vlogs

Video on extreme adult trolling from one victim’s perspective. *If you choose to view the video, you do so at your own choice and the blog writer does not take any responsibility for external links hosted on external hosting sites. Pt 1/3


Response to a trolls video. *If you choose to view the video, you do so at your own choice and the blog writer does not take any responsibility for external links hosted on external hosting sites. Pt 2/3


Trolling 101: Fail! This troll actively seeks to cause harm to other people of the aboriginal descent in Canada. This is a good example of how trolls operate. This petition was originally targeting me but was changed to target a new woman when the petition wasn’t gathering signatures. Currently this petitition is asking for only 77 signatures and they can’t reach that. My name was edited out and replaced by this new woman but the wording was left the same. Is this extreme trolling?


For the record, the woman who is being attacked is a very kind and sweet woman. I have met her in person.

This video shows how trolls attack using Facebook. Here this troll makes many false claims which I have cleared up in this video. So please do visit the sites she posted on the FB page and see for yourself, she is lying. I have no blogs, video’s or websites set up to target her. I have owned the domain she claims I stole, for a year and by her own words, we didn’t know each other when I registered my domain which is similar. She claims I stole her domain? How?


The video to follow will feature this trolls own written words.


Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BeWytchMeRadio

How to report a member violation to a webhost. In this example I am using a page hosted by iPage.com This information is standard on most hosting sites. You may find this in the FAQ, Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy. This works for any site which you feel is hosting illegal content. This is for information purposes only.

How to access BeWytch Me Radio using Shoutcast. You can listen to the radio on your desktop using Winamp or some other program.

Change for the better. This video is for a very nice young man who changed from being a bully to being a protector.

To end domestic violence, we need to talk about it.

Amanda Todd Memorial. Gone too soon, Amanda Todd, took her life at age 15 after being bullied online and off for many years. Her story has gone on to help make a positive change. Thank you to her mother, Carol Todd for having the strength, we all desire to have.

Yellow Balloons, Tragedy and Strength…Boston strong. My thoughts on the Boston Bombings last year.

Okay this last one is a silly one I made. I love to play the Skylander’s game with my grandson and this song fit. Take it away Shroomboom!

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