Whatever will be, will be

No one truly knows what tomorrow will bring. What we do know for sure is that there has been a horrific run for the United States presidential campaign. During this campaign we saw and heard the worst and the best that these candidates had to offer. What will come as of tomorrow though? That is the real question.

Whichever party that you choose to vote for, is a vote in the right direction. Only the voter truly knows who is the best choice for themselves and for their country. If you put personal differences aside, most people agree that there are certain things which should be done during this next presidential campaign.

American people want these things:

  • People want long-term employment. People are tired of not having the jobs.
  • People want to not worry about paying bills and also medical expenses.
  • People want to know that their children will get the best education that they can get. People want to know that their children will have a great future opportunities in a college and a university setting.
  • People want to know that their country will remain strong and look after those who have fought so hard for their freedoms. No veteran should ever have to worry about eating or paying a bill.

So many people have different opinions and find that they must force their opinion on those of us who disagree with them. The same people enjoy and appreciate the right to freedom of speech, yet, do not give that same right to the person who they disagree with. One thing I can say personally is that I can agree to disagree with someone and not be offended by what they have to say and or what their opinion is.

What matters now is that people get out and vote for who they think will best represent their country. It’s not okay to sit back and say that your vote doesn’t count when it comes to who is elected as the President of the United States. Your vote does count and maybe the one vote needed to tip the scales in the direction of whomever it is that you’ve chosen to be your president.

My Hope Is that people respect each other and that no violence and or threats break out any further along this election Trail and or into the presidential campaign. We should all remember that we are human and as such we all have a right to our own opinion and no one has the right to force heirs upon us. Get out there and vote tomorrow and elect who it is that you think will best represent your country. If you don’t get out to vote and the other party gets in then you have no one to blame but yourself because like you, so many others decided to stay home as well. Your vote does count.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have a wonderful evening. Take care. May the best man or woman win this election.

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