Who won? That is the question but is there really a final answer?


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Who won? That is the question but is there really a final answer?

The ending is not the whole story, nor should it be. The beginning is where the real winning starts. Thinking you can do something and then having the courage to try and reach those goals is the beginning.

How do you become a winner at whatever goal you want to achieve? It starts with getting up each day and dragging your tired body out of bed, reaching for whatever it is you need to achieve your goal and then working for it until you achieve it. This can apply to any goal from running a marathon, getting that higher position in your company or even just being a better you.

Our lives are a constant race and we are always trying to exceed the last one, without remembering all the hard work it took to get there. So each new goal starts with the same baby steps and ends with either a win or a loss. If only we remembered the hard work it took to get to the win we might appreciate it more and perhaps use what we learned to achieve our next goal.

Winning is important because it teaches us to have courage & belief in ourselves. If there were no clear cut winners, it would be difficult to teach that hard work really does pay off. Can you imagine a world in which there are no winners or losers? What a boring world that would be don’t you think?

Today we worry about our children’s self esteem and for many sports days in schools, the kids are not individual winners but rather everyone is a winner. I am twisted over that. On the one hand I understand the need to make everyone winners but does that teach them to believe in themselves and give their all to achieve any goal? I’m not sure it does. I think while it gives kids a sense of accomplishment, that knowing everyone got the same ribbon you did, might take away from how the child see’s his or her accomplishment.

While not every child or every adult can be a winner, they can be a “Trier” if they believe they can do something and put their mind to it. Sure we can all be content to win a ribbon we didn’t do anything to receive but isn’t it better to receive a ribbon you put all your heart and soul into? Even if you don’t win that coveted ribbon, at least you can say you tried and trying is all you needed to do.

Try new things in life and don’t be content to be rewarded for doing nothing. Work for what you want in your life and you just might get it. When you achieve your goals you have no one to blame or thank except you. So go do it. Try. Winner or loser all that matter is that you tried.

You never know if you will succeed in life if you never try anything new. Now get out there and do something pretty great just for you.

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