Why did Chester become a Molester?

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

A child molester is not interested in the actual sex act. It’s the control they have over the person they are doing this with that is the kick. Some people say, castrate or give them salt peter, but that does not stop their brain from being in the same mind set. They still have fingers, toes, mouths and external items to use so that shows you it is not in fact the issue. People think that it is the actual sex act but it is not.

Child abusers are born that way in my own opinion. What i mean is that the ability to be that is there because of their past but it is up to them if they take the next step from thought to action. True some people are molested so badly that it is the only way they think life is normal and continue on with the behavior. Child abusers are not from any set walk of life and they come from all walks of life. Rich or poor. It is more prevalent in the middle to lower class for sure but that is only because more people tend to speak out in the lower class’ as opposed to the higher class’.

What a person does or does not do is their own decision but many child molesters will try to convince us that they are not harming the child but showing them different love between an adult and a child. Their brain is so messed up that they believe a two year old child is fine with having relations with them. Children do what they are told and children who are being molested do it because they know what will happen if they don’t. There is no mutual agreement between adult and child although pedophiles will try to tell you differently.

Is every abused child a child molester as an adult? No. There are many survivors who are not. Survivors who get counseling for their abuse and not repeat the behaviour. They know what happened is wrong and will not repeat it. There are some who continue on with the learned behavior claiming it happened to them and they turned out okay so the kids they are molesting will be fine too. Neither the abuser nor the child is fine. I am a survivor and I will never harm a child. I know that.

Molesters can get help if they acknowledge they actually have an issue but many of them will not because they think they are not wrong. Our society still treats women and children as second class citizens in some ways and abuse is still not widely spoken about because of shame of the abused. There is child sex slaves all over North America. Children who are purchased/adopted and then brought to our countries. The only way the issue will be fixed is if society as a whole wakes up and realizes that this is a real issue and opens our mouths collectively to say this will not stand.

If you suspect someone is being molested or that someone is molesting a child, it is up to you and I to stand up and say no more. If we are quiet then this behaviour will continue on and more children will grow up into adults who are broken. Contact me for more info if you need help.

Check out our I Need Help page for info.

2 comments on “Why did Chester become a Molester?”

  1. Skinny Reply

    I also am a survivor and have not feelings that way as an adult. I have raised a very socially respectable pair of boys that my wife and I are so proud of. I still live with the pain of childhood memories and always stick up for the underdog. It is up to “us” to be vigilant and watch for anyone exhibiting signs of abuse.

    • BeWytched Reply

      Thanks so much for your post Skinny. I agree with you. We may come from darkness but our children do not have to. You are a brave man.

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