Why do women support past child abuse?

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

Why do women support past child abuse?

It’s a strange world when a victim finally speaks to break their silence of long standing abuse and a stranger, worse yet an adult female, claims that the victim of rape from infancy was somehow the abuser and the abuser the victim of the baby the man was raping. Strange right? You’d think that it was untrue but I’m here to tell you that it is.

The question is why do women, in particular, support male child rapists?

Women are the ones you think of as motherly and protective like a mother tiger but you would be wrong. Women are abusers too, not just males. Women can continue the child rape by claiming the child who was raped is a liar and an abuser. The only women who would say that are:

  1. Child abusers in the past.
  2. Child abusers in the present.
  3. Lived with a child abuser and allowed them to abuse.
  4. Child sexual abuser in the case of blaming a child.
  5. Participant online and or offline in child abuse.
  6. An abuser of a child who they blamed for their abuse.
  7. A victim of child abuse, child rape and or domestic violence.
  8. Mentally ill.

When a victim speaks out for the first time it’s so very hard to do and they wonder if anyone will believe them or go so far as to blame them for being harmed. Some people blame female rape victims for their rape and say it’s because they wanted it by putting on attractive clothes. Some people blame the women and men being abused in domestic violence situations as deserving what they get. Is it any wonder that most victims don’t speak out about their abuse?

It shouldn't hurt to be a child.  Act don't stop to consider the feelings of the adults.  Kids do not have a choice and you can be their super hero.

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Act don’t stop to consider the feelings of the adults. Kids do not have a choice and you can be their super hero.

Don’t stop talking

Scream it out from the rafters and then do something just for you. Get the help you need to become whole and healthy again. What happened was not your fault. You were a victim not an abuser. You didn’t have control over what happened to you. All the blame goes to the abuser and that of the abusers supporters.

Is there a light in the darkness?

Of course. You can survive any type of abuse whether you are male or female. You can get through the darkness. Stop listening to the abuser and his or her supporters who blame you for what happened. It was not your fault. You can survive, live and thrive. Take that first chance on you.

This video is my story yet again and hopefully someone will see it and realize that they can get out and heal. It’s candid about my sexual abuse from my father. Incest I guess is what it’s called when a father has sexual relations with their child they created. Viewer discretion is advised. If you want to subscribe to my channel feel free and thanks.

My final thoughts:

Abuse is abuse and it’s meant to harm not heal. You can go from being a victim of abuse to a survivor of abuse but first you need to know that you can get out. I’ve placed a link below to a great site called When Georgia Smiled by Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw’s wife. There is also an app for your smart devices as well. You can survive just like I did. Just believe in you.


Thanks for reading my blog and I hope your day is awesome. If you or someone you know is being abused or survived abuse, please seek help. You are worth it.

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