Wolves Walking Amongst Us

Wolves are stealthy and deadly. In a world where there is so much hatred, what we really need is more love and understanding rather than hatred. There are people who work diligently for years in order to intervene in others lives in a weak attempt to tear them down.  They spew hatred and fuel speculation to attack you but for every attack they do, which they cover using fake accounts on social media, it only makes them look that much weaker and more feeble than any attempt they try to tear people down.


Even the beautiful wolf can be deadly.

In this blog I will show several examples of people online who strive to maintain their innocence while attacking others online. You may be surprised at the types of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Conduct does speak for itself.

Wolves who attack deceased children and their families

Since the death of 15-year-old Amanda Todd in 2012, I became aware of just how gruesome some people can be towards innocent families trying to cope with the loss of their child. You and I would help the families yet there are those who’s only goal it was to tear the families apart.

Philip J Rose – Stalker of Amanda Todd’s family

Phillip, not his real name as per his own comments, started to follow and attack Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd, all over social media starting first with Facebook, where he created several pages pretending to be helping young teen girls while pretending to be a young teen girl. The page was created to help vulnerable teen girls to not commit suicide. The page was based on a lie. How many young girls spoke to him thinking he was a young teen girl? That is a scary thought to me.

Philip went on to say in future conversations that he knew Amanda BEFORE her death and that he had ORIGINAL child porn video’s of this young girl when she was 13-years-old. When you claim you have an original that infers that you were the one to create it. He went on to say that he had looked through thousands of child porn images to find some with Amanda. Philip created a blog after being kicked off of Facebook and has dedicated the past three years to continually stalking both deceased Amanda Todd and her mother. He also began targeting other families of other deceased teen girls, including the family of Rehtaeh Parsons, Glenn Canning and Leah Parsons. He is still active today harassing other families who don’t need to be dealing with lies but should be allowed to deal with the loss of their child.

Rebecca Ann Holley (nee Talley) – Stalker of Rebecca Ann Sedwick family

A second example is that of Rebecca Ann Holley (nee Talley) who was on the Dr. Phil show in May 2015 (YouTube video link for the show below). Ms. Holley claimed that she was watching the news in her hometown when a story came on about a 12-year-old girl, Rebecca Ann Sedwick, who had committed suicide by jumping from an old cement factory water tower in Lakeland, Florida.  (Story below.) According to Ms. Holley, she related to the story at first because the deceased child had the same first and middle name as she did. She later went on to say she had dreams with visions showing that the little girl didn’t commit suicide, rather, she was murdered by her mom and sister. Since 2013, Ms. Holley has actively pursued the mother and sister relentlessly, creating a number of pages targeting them on social media, many of which have been removed for harassment.

Since the show aired, the harassment has continued resulting in the mother asking for help from the police. There have been a few court appearances from Ms. Holley regarding that matter. Ms. Holley was arrested on September 25, 2015 on unrelated charges. (Link below.)


Wolves who attack deceased children’s parent’s to get back at another individual

These people are a special kind of ugly. In order to spread hate about a person, a stranger, they will attack deceased children’s parent’s and will make the most outrageous claims like that stranger somehow killed their child. These people never offer any actual proof or facts, they simply target the family in order to change their opinion about another person. Despicable doesn’t even cover that does it?

Who would go so far as to target deceased children’s parent’s to get attention? Sick individuals. Both the parent’s of Amanda Todd and Rebecca Ann Sedwick were contacted by an individual who claimed to have proof that another person was a child predator and very mentally unwell. In both cases, the parent’s contacted the person who was being targeted and provided screenshots of all conversations. On one public page a person posted on a deceased child’s end bullying page, nonstop bullying about a stranger they don’t even know offline. Shameful really. On that page they included a police file number with claims that the person was being investigated. The person contacted their local police who did a search and said there is no such file. Now why would a person try to bully a stranger online on a deceased girl’s page making false claims? It’s sad but it’s simple. They are very unwell and are in need of help. There is no other reason an adult would target a living person by using deceased children’s anti bullying pages.

Wolves who attack using fake anti bullying group and child abuse pages

Since the death of Amanda Todd, I have become super involved in trying to help those who are being bullied, and those parents who have lost children due to bullying. I believe that we need to talk about this problem in order to fix this problem. While there are a number of really great groups, pages and forums meant to help those who are being bullied, we know about the sites like Ask.fm which are not quite as nice. There have bee many suicides around the globe attributed to that one site alone.

On social media, particularly Facebook, there are groups masquerading as anti bullying page yet their pages feature the worst kind of bullying. If you dig deep enough you find that they have been bullying others for years while they claim to be against it. They will target people around the globe for no other reason than to attack because the person disagreed with them on some social media comment. The same people scream freedom of speech yet tell you that you are not able to have the same rights.

One such page that I am aware of claims to help abused children online and off, which sounds pretty good, until you realize that if you do a simple search of the founder, you find a ton of bullying comments all over social media, and come across comments which they claim to be homophobic. When asked if they would rescue a bullied and or abused child who was homosexual, their response was that they would still rescue the child but they would then have this child in extreme counselling to cure their “gayness”.

What would happen if a gay or lesbian child asked for the same help a straight child would? How many kids are turned away because they are gay or lesbian and told they are not right? Perhaps if these kind of groups researched a little that they would find out that you really are, in the words of Lady Gaga, “Born this way”.


Wolves who hate based on race, religion, sexuality, gender and ability

Believe it or not there are people who still hate based on things, others cannot control. How is it possible to hate someone for something they cannot change and were created with DNA, making them into who they are? Well it’s sad to say but even in this new Millennium there are those who hate strangers based on what they see and not what they know.

These people tend to pretend they are victims on one page while creating a ton of fake profiles and pages to attack people based on things they cannot control. The worst part about these people is they hate with a firm smile on their lips and a dab of craziness in their eyes. I have to wonder if they look in the mirror with that same crazy smile and if they see what the world see’s. Probably not because these people can never see who they are. These people don’t just target one group of people, they target anyone that may get them attention on social media. One day it’s targeting a race of people and the next it’s targeting a religion with the next day being targeting based on something else. They never show their true colors, with the exception of cowardly posts on social media, seeking their 15 seconds of fame. I do feel very sorry for those people because they will never accept people for who they are but always will expect them to conform to their belief of who they think they should be.

Groups like some of those mentioned here which are used to target innocent people are the new norm unfortunately. Social media has become the new school playground where you can bully but it allows you to do it while behind a keyboard saying whatever you want to without repercussion.

Times are changing

Many arrests are now coming all over the world because of the vicious online targeting of innocent people. I think that the arrests may be a temporary deterrent but if a sick person doesn’t get well, their behavior will continue. The scary part is they will never be remorseful and they will not even be happy causing another person’s death, they will continue long after the person is deceased as in the case of Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and Rebecca Ann Sedwick.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing do not like to be ignored

Have you ever tried ignoring a dog when they want your attention? It’s kind of impossible. They bark and paw you for attention until you have to give them the attention they need. Perhaps they want that little bit of food left over after dinner or maybe that juicy treat you give them once a day. The one thing about dogs and wolves is they do not like to be ignored. In fact, the more you ignore them, the more they beg for your attention.

Ignoring a wolf is not enough to deter them if they are not well. They will get more and more aggressive each time you don’t give them the attention they need to feel whole. The scary part is, if they don’t get the mental health help they need to deal with their hatred towards strangers, they may become violent offline. There have been cases of people who attack strangers offline for no other reason than because their victim stopped paying attention to them.

In my own experience I find the wolves in sheep’s clothing to be very adamant in their online attacks but nothing has come of what they try to say because I adopted the slogan, “I don’t care” on December 31, 2014. I have not responded to one hateful comment though the haters have contacted my family and friends in an attempt to slay me online. The problem is that my friends and family see their posts as sick as I do and they have said things like “she’s nuts!” about posts they have received from one woman.

It does seem like the more I ignore the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the more they feebly try to attack me. I’m not bothered in any way and nothing has happened in the 3-years I’ve been dealing with wolves targeting others. I guess you could say I’m not “shook” because I’ve learned not to care. A strangers words online said with hate are a reflection of who they are and not who I am. I’m happy with who I am. I wish nothing but the best to those who are unwell targeting strangers online.

No wolves on these pages

There are some great organizations on social media who offer help to those who are being bullied online and or offline. Check them out if you like.

Amanda Todd Legacy: https://www.facebook.com/AmandaToddLegacyStayingStrong?fref=ts

Rebecca’s Stand Against Bullying: https://www.facebook.com/rebeccasstand?fref=ts


Dr. Phil with Rebecca Ann Holley (nee Talley) via Youtube: 


Rebecca Annn Sedwick story via Huffington Post: 


Rebecca Ann Holley (nee Talley) recent arrest info: http://www.polksheriff.org/inq/pages/inmate.aspx?BookingNumber=2015-025752

Have a super day. Keep smiling and thanks for reading my blog.

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