Yoo hoo! Where are you Wanda?

Well hello there stranger! Fancy meeting you here. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope that you are doing spectacular and, if you’re not, I hope that things get better real quick. You deserve it!

Where have I been?

I’ve been taking things a little slower than usual not because I want to, but because my body says I have no choice, but to. It’s difficult to describe how my body is acting for the last year. I get my days when I have energy to spare and then days, like now, that I have to drag my butt around. I know it’s got to do with stress setting things in motion with the Takayasu Arteritis and the issue of type 2 diabetes and a fatty liver, caused by the Hep B I was gifted by my step father when I was 12. Hep B appears to really be the gift that keeps on giving. Er, can I send this gift back please and thanks?

Last year I was sick for weeks with a tummy issue, no appetite and very tired, more like exhausted with no actual reason why. I finally went to the doctor and was sent for a scan of my abdomen and some blood work. Previously I had been told that my blood sugar was a little high and that I may need to have insulin. My tests for the abdomen and other blood work, showed that I had indeed failed some tests. My blood sugar over 3 months is 6 which apparently is not good. I failed the tests for my liver, which showed there was something going on and the scan on my belly showed that I have a fatty liver caused by many things including, uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. I was told that this was not a big issue but that I would need to be followed up to see what the blood tests showed. I had more blood work over the weekend and got a call on Monday to go in and see the doctor about the tests. My sugar was a little higher and my liver tests were all bad. One test is almost triple the level it was last year when I had the other tests. So now I wait to see the doctor tomorrow. I would have went today but I have been very fatigued for a couple of days and tummy acted up. Yes I know that would be the opportune time to see the doctor but I honestly have zero energy.

I have so many things I want to say but can’t find the time to actually talk about things.

I am happy Aydin Coban was found guilty for what he did to 39 people around the globe and was given the maximum sentence. I am waiting to hear whether or not he will be extradited to Canada to face what he did to Amanda Todd.

I am puzzled and perplexed by the new POTUS (President Of The United States) and all the scandals which have happened since he took office a little more than 60 days ago. I wonder why he makes “fake news” claims and is proven to be altered facts or what we call them, lies. I wonder what the FBI will find out about ties from this new government to Russia during the campaigns. I wonder why the new POTUS’ daughter is being given information that is considered classified and why she is around her father more than the FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States). I wonder why the new POTUS claims to want to tighten up the government spending and yet has spent millions of tax payers dollars to play golf. I’m sure I’ll continue wondering about the POTUS.

I will try desperately to at least drop a line of hello to those of you who still check out the blog.

One last thing

It’s been four years that I have been stalked by a woman who is almost 60 years old, is a mother and grandmother. She continually stalks me on all forms of social media, including Periscope, a video streaming application. It seems that no matter what I do or don’t do, this woman will not go away. I have two police file numbers for when I called the police. One was when she threatened to have me “finished off” and the second when she posted my home and gave instructions on how to get to my home. The 2nd police officer spoke with her on his phone in his car for a half hour and he said she has severe mental health issues and is definitely obsessed with me. The woman has most recently started stalking a woman named Kim Wilson on social media including Twitter, which my name is tagged though I have her blocked, Youtube and Facebook. Kim reached out to me as I was mentioned. I’ve seen video’s that my stalker, and now Kim’s, mentions my name and you can see she physically reacts to anything to do with me. I believe this stalker has met her match in Kim and I am thankful ┬áto Kim for standing up for me. The stalker makes video’s and writes statements claiming that when I was raped by my father as a child, my father was the victim and I was the abuser. I try to avoid her but she’s watching my social media to this day, more than four years since she first called me a “gang rapist” and one of “Hitlers brown shirts”. Not sure it will ever end but at least I’m too damn tired to care about an old woman who has a mental health issue, no family and a lot of time on her hands to stalk people.

Okay time to go and have a nap. lol Hope your day is super and thanks so much for hanging in.

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