You’ve been Thunderstruck! Thanks AC DC!

Image: BeWytch Me & Wanda Probe

Image: BeWytch Me & Wanda Probe

You’ve been Thunderstruck! Thanks AC DC!

I can’t believe that I actually grew to like AC DC and would admit that freely to anyone. I was the kid who loved the music other people didn’t think I should. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up in a musical home.

I remember hearing AC DC for the very first time just after my 15th birthday. I wasn’t too sure about it. I’d heard of them but never heard their songs. I was a disco baby not a rockin’ roller by any means. Hmmm see I think I just made that up. Kind of silly.

My first concert was, drum roll please, Leif Garrett. Now who the heck is that you say? Well think of Justin Bieber, the good boy, and you have it. The difference was Leif actually hated playing the bubble gum pop he was forced to play by management but you never knew it at the show. I swore then that he singled me out in the crowds at the Pacific Colosseum in Vancouver. Great night with my bestie Marie who always seemed to know where the stars hung out and stayed.

My second concert was Rush. Never heard of them? Well neither had I until that point. It was a first major date with the boy of my dreams except for one small thing. Seems the boy and I got our wires crossed about where to meet and he watched the show with his friends, all the while thinking I hadn’t shown up and I watched a band I never heard of and didn’t know one word to any songs. That is a fond memory for.

One of the first heartbreak songs for me was Nazareth’s “Love Hurts”. I remember being around 12 or 13 and at my very first dance at middle school. I stood next to the bleachers hoping someone would ask the new girl to dance but they never did. While I waited I heard the song and it stuck with me. I love the song. I did get some great dances in with the most important person until I became mobility challenged over 13 years ago.  He’s so cute though he still tries to sway with me while he holds me up.

Stairway to Heave by Led Zeppelin was and still is one of my all time favorites. That and the Eagles tune, Hotel California. Great tunes and great stories. Love the production.

Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo got me through some sad times in my life and gave me the courage to face the day. It’s weird to hear a song and have it lift you without ever having met the songwriter but it does.

Think about the special songs in your life and give them a listen. Have a great day and talk to you very soon. Thanks for hanging in.

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