The role of the US Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) program is to help people that have suffered a disability that prevents them from earning an income. This financial assistance is meant to help those individuals cover basic expenses like food and shelter. However, just because you have a disability does not mean that the process of getting the benefits is easy. There are some challenges in the application process that may even cause you not to get the benefits. Here are some of them.

Proving That Your Disability Meets The Requirements

Simply having a disability does not directly qualify you for the benefits. You will have to produce medical evidence that you either have a mental or physical disability. Some of the impairments that qualify are the ones that affect certain body parts like the digestive system, mental issues, speech and senses, neurological problems, and the cardiovascular system.

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Filing The Application

The process of filing for SSI and SSDI is very extensive. You will need to provide medical and personal information. If you make a mistake or fail to submit all the necessary documentation, your application will either be delayed or denied. That is why you need to work with a social security disability law firm Orlando-based to ensure such mistakes are not made. A lawyer will go through your documents and ensure you have submitted all that is needed.

Proving You Cannot Work

There are many people with disabilities that are still able to make a living. Before your application goes through, you will have to prove that you cannot work. Keep in mind that there are certain jobs, such as parking lot attendant, where you sit all day and have little contact with other people. Proving that you cannot work any job can be tricky.

These are the main challenges you are likely to encounter when applying for disability benefits. Already, living with a disability is hard enough. To reduce the frustrations that come with the application process, most people work with disability attorneys.